Choose the Right Business Management School

Criteria for best business management schools or institutions and tips to choose the right business management colleges.

Choosing the Right Business Management School

Business Management schools in India are of late mushrooming all around and have created unlimited as well as confusing options for Indian students. This is why they are having problem as to how to choose the best business school. How to choose the best business school or how to choose the best management college is not at all an easy question. In fact the joy of succession in the entrance examination is shortlived and is instantly succeeded by an anxiety about selecting the right business school or management college from a plethora of them. Recently many surveys on Indian Management schools have been there; but since most of them are biased from some perspective or other, they cannot give satisfactory answer to the question as to How to choose the best business management institution in India.

Steps to Choose the Right Business College

We can list some scientific steps to choose the right business college. More or less these criteria for best business schools are:

  • Own In-depth analysis
  • Profile of Faculty and Alumni
  • Campus Life
  • Infrastructure
  • Enticements
  • Placements
  • Accreditation

  • Criteria for Best Business Schools

    There are many criteria for best business schools. Some of the top criteria for best business schools are as given below:

    Own In-depth Analysis

    Ananlysis of own motif is quite important before you choose the right business school. Question your motivation for an MBA course. Are you looking for a switching over in your career or a boost in it? Do you love studying and want to expand your mental horizons or are you going for it just for a salary hike? Answers these questions yourself and you will come to know about every aspects of your strength and weakness. Now search for the specializations of the Management Schools vis-a-vis your aim in life and career. Choosing the right B-School will mostly depend on the factor that whether it successfully caters to your needs and expectations or not.

    Profiles of Faculty and Alumni

    Profiles of Faculty and Alumni are very important while choosing a B-School. Check for the profile of faculty from the brochure and website of the concerned institute. The quality of education offered in that college will mostly rest on the skill and expertise of the faculty members. Check for the details of both permanent and visiting faculty members. Permanent faculty members are mostly theoretical academicians while visiting fellows are successful professionals offering an exposure to the real life business world. Also try to find out the profile of the alumni. Get the reviews of a few passed out students. If the alumni profile fails to please you, it should be taken as a caution note.

    Campus Life

    Campus life is an important part of education and plays a pivotal role in building a student's profile and character. Before choosing your B-School, take a look at the campus. Campus life here is not only about classrooms and libraries. Make sure you have enough space for recreations. Make sure the canteen, the common room, the place for gossiping is perfect for you. You will have to go a long way in your college so let not fatigue and workload overcome you and make you a machine. If you have a taste for writing, do check out the college magazine.


    The next important criterion will be the infrastructure of the concerned college. You should neither go for a ragged one nor a school with a five star hotel ambience. A rich library, an updated computer centre or netlab are musts for a good management institution. Things like hostel, mess, playground, first-aid facility and the like are also to be considered as you go for your B-School.


    In the present era of tough competition, institutions offer many things to attract students. Common enticements in management colleges include offering laptops, free lunches, occassional foreign tours and so on. Don't get carried away by hyped enticements. They are done with support of your wallet only and at the end of day you will be charged high amounts. Avoid swindlers.


    Placements are indeed crucial but are never the sole criterion. Do not think that Management Colleges are placements agencies! Their duty is to teach you and make you ready for facing the real world of business. Do not blindly trusts the claims most of the colleges make. Get the names and profiles of the companies that visit the campus of the concerned college. See how many dependable names you can get. Up to 60 percent placements can be trusted. Do not believe in higher claims. Also, check the list of pupils getting jobs after summer internship.


    Of the more or less 1,900 Business Schools in India only around 1,000 are accredited. An accreditation will ensure the quality of education, career and scholarship opportunities and so on. The faculty will also be more adept so try to go for one of the accredited business management schools in India. Do remember that unless accredited by AICTE, NAAC, UGC and the like, the college cannot participate in the various student assistance programmes of Govt. of India. Neither will you be able for doing your research work or Ph. D. in future. So, checking the accreditation is an important selecting business school tips.

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