Tips to improve Self Confidence

In this article, I will tell you how to improved Self Confidence. Self-confidence is having belief in yourself and not getting discouraged by negative comments. For Example, even if you are not good looking , you should have the feeling and that you can impress people around you with your good manners and maintain proper decorum. Don't bother too much about your minus points.

Confidence means that your belief in certain assumptions that you have made or in any person. For example 'I am confident that Ramesh will do that work'. This statement gives the belief author has in Ramesh. On the other hand, self confidence means belief one has in himself. It seems that your English needs a little bit of improvement. Maybe that is the reason for your low self confidence. I suggest you improve your English and automatically you will start feeling confident. Your communication with people will increase. To do this, I suggest you start speaking in English with your family and friends. Read a lot of books. And have a positive attitude. If you believe that you will not be able to do it, then your confidence will never increase.
Self confidence is very important in today's day and age. When someonse tries to inspire others by his speech but he himself is not confident and nervous while speaking no one will pay heed to his words.
Self-confidence is having belief in yourself and not getting discouraged by negative comments. For Example, even if you are not good looking , you should have the feeling and that you can impress people around you with your good manners and maintain proper decorum. Don't bother too much about your minus points. Think about people who were ordinary, but still became famous because of their deeds. For Example: Mother Teresa, Dr. Abdul Kalam, the whole world recognizes them and are in awe of them. When you refer to the word confidence, it means the assurance you have that you can do something. For example a pilot has the confidence to fly an airplane because of his training. Self-confidence is a quality one possesses, its the absolute assurance you have in your own self that gives you a sense of esteem or pride in one's self. It is how YOU see yourself. Everyone has issues with self-confidence and self-esteem at some point in life; for some its a major issue and that becomes a problem. It is not impossible to overcome esteem issues though and it can be learnt by making a conscious effort. Kudos on recognising your shortcoming and asking for help. Sometimes this feeling is just imaginary or psychological and sometimes its real. Some people are insecure about their looks and body and no matter how often you are told otherwise, you just can't get over it. On the other hand, poor language and communication skill really affects your self confidence and you alone have to find ways to remedy that situation.
Confidence is - you are given a hard task and doubt whether you would be able to do justice to it since you had never ventured into it before. Still, you put your heart and soul together and finish it.You should not worry about other peoples pessimistic advice and don't worry. Don't ever get discouraged. Stay away from people with negative thoughts.
When you are confident and enthusiastic while on job or anywhere else people will be inspired and believe in what you are trying to convey. A confident manager commands respect from his juniors, seniors and peers. People will judge your self confidence based on your body language, your knowledge, what you speak and how impressive you are while speaking. Your behaviour will also reveal your self confidence. You cannot build your self confidence in few days but the fact is you can improve your self confidence. Your determination and the desire to improve is the only way you can improve your confidence.
First of all you need to believe in yourself that YES you can do it. Every one has qualities and strong points in him. Just analyse your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT Analysis). Take the help of your family and good friends. Read good articles and books.
Start applying your skills in your organization. Do not hesitate or feel shy. Initially people might laugh but ignore and learn from your mistakes.

Let me tell you that self-confidence cannot be gained at once. You need to be patient and have strong will power to achieve this. Set small achievable targets for yourself. I am using the word 'achievable' here because many at times out of excitement, we set high targets but are not able to achieve those.

As you know that the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. So you can set quarterly targets like :

1. Reading newspaper daily - make it a habit to read newspaper daily. This will enhance your knowledge and you will not feel out of the place when group of people or individual talks to you on any current issue. When you will also participate and people will listen to your views also, you will feel motivated and gain self-confidence.

2. If you are good at Hindi but not as much in English and you find that the group is talking in English, don't feel bad about it. Don't curse yourself that why I am like that. Why I can't talk equally good. Instead, be a good listener. Every situation offers an opportunity to learn. Learn how they frame sentences; how they pronounce words. Try to learn from them. If you will avoid going to parties and other social gatherings thinking that you are not the right fit for such gatherings, you'll not gain anything...rather you'll lose self-confidence.

3. Read twice whatever you write an sms, comment on any blog, e-mail etc. We tend to commit mistakes. Always remember "No one is perfect – that's why pencils have erasers." By reading the content second time, you'll be able to find out mistakes in your content yourself before sending or posting anywhere. You'll feel good about it and it will boost your self-confidence.

4. If English is an issue, start reading English books of your interest. Talk to people at home, friends and relatives in English. Try to learn 5 new English words in a day. Memorize them and keep using them in sentences the entire day. Participate in Discussion Forums. Your writing skills will improve and slowly you will gain self-confidence. You can also refer to English section of ISC.

5. Do a good deed and don't expect anything in return. Be a giver!. Help others in need, say a good word, volunteer for a good cause. It will do wonders to you personally.

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