Diet To Keep Children Active

In this article, I am discussing How to keep your child active through proper diet. Proper diet plan can keep your kids active throughout day. So learn how to include fruits and veggies interestingly in child's diet.

How to keep your Child active through diet

The daily routine of a child is no less hectic than their working parents! They need to perform tiny superheroes everyday while attending school, tuitions, homework,hobby classes etc. And they need lots of energy to keep themselves active. Often parents especially moms become clueless when they find kids not interested in food. Worse, moms know that their kids are not getting proper nutrients through diet to cope with everyday activities but they do not how how to incorporate everything essential in kids' diet.

To make your child active through diet

    image of fruits and vegetable
    Include lots of fruits,
  • vegitable,
  • Whole-grains
  • Nuts

How to include fruits into children's diet

1.Give them at least one fruit everyday. Fruits contain complex carbohydrates, natural sugar, vitamin, mineral and most importantly phyto-chemicals which can act to prevent ailments.

2. Fruits like Indian gooseberries are small in size by packed with anti-oxidants. They also contribute to boost immunity in kids(in adults too).

3. To make fruits interesting for kids fruit salad is a very good option. take several of their favourite fruits. Cut into interesting shapes. Sprikle sea-salt powder and a dash of black pepper op top.

4. Bell peppers can be veru interesting for kids. because they come with different and attractive colours. Add them to salad, breakfast to make the dish interesting.Alternatively make stuffed bell peppers by stuffing them with kid's favourite potato preparations.

5. Replace snacks with fruits. One banana and glass of milk with 1-2 bread slices makes good breakfast option.

6. Dice dry fruits into kheer, porridge, etc.

How to include vegetables in kid's diet

Kids normally do not like vegetables. But that can happen because we never try to cook veggies like the way they would love. We cook veggies the way it goes well with our rice or rotis.

Tips to make veggies interesting for kids

  • Potatos and sweet potatoes(tapioka) are very good source of energy. Instead of dip drying them bake these two vegetables to get maximum benefit.
  • Carots too are great vegetable because it contains vitamin A. As snacks or
    evening meals carots are great. But remember to cook carots always. Because only from cooked carots you can get bita-carotene. Besides raw carots can carry lots of germs.

  • When kids are busy watching TV keep a bowl of fruit/vegetable salad in front of them. They will chew them without even knowing!

  • Nuts like almond, cashew etc provide healthy fat which are essential for brain development. They even work as good snacking options instead of chips or fries.

  • Flex seeds, Sesame seeds etc are good to keep body more active. Mix them in salads or in dishes.

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The article is very information for children of today as we can see that many of the children do not take food properly. If we give me atleast one fruit daily, it will atleast give them some of the carbohydrates, natural sugar, vitamin, mineral and most importantly phyto-chemicals as you said.


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