The History of time

Nowadays we have clocks, watches, mobile, P.C and many instruments that shows time. But in ancient time measuring time is similar to inventing satellite. In this article you can find the history of time and devices that used to measure the time.

To explain this I have divided into three stages:
1. period of B.C (Before Christ).
2. Medieval periods.
3. 20th century.

1. Period of B.C:
The Human's of B.C considered the measurement of time as the greatest invention. They used sundials and shadow clocks.

You may be familiar with this word. It is the first time measuring device invented by Egypts. They made this device with the knowledge of geometry. But it does not give accurate time and also it is useless during night.

Shadow clocks:
It is similar to Sundials except in construction. It also faced the same drawback.

2. Medieval periods:
During this period Sand clock, pendulum clocks, watches, atomic clock were invented. This is the period during which accurate clocks were invented.

Sand clocks:
Sand clock are popularly known as hour glass invented during 12th century. You can see this in movies, board game ect. But this is not much convenient to measure time.

Pendulum clock:
It is a remarkable invention of Galilei, son of astronomer Galileo. This clock is even used now.

The clocks were made smaller in size which made the invention of watches. Well known quartz watch, Battery watches were made during this period.

Atomic clock:
This is the most accurate clock invented during this period.

3. 20th century:
Digital clocks becomes popular during this period. We can find clock integrated in computer, phone, laptops and everything else. Now these clock becomes simple. Most accurate clocks even measures nano seconds were found. Also 40 radio clocks were constructed around the world that helps to set our watches and clocks accurately.


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