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Christmas - A glorious occasion

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year to venerate the birth of Jesus Christ. This occasion brings with itself, many reasons to express and share joy through Christmas gifts and colourful Christmas decorations. Read on to contemplate on the various customs, traditions and festivities carried out on Christmas.

Christmas – A festival of euphoria

Christmas or Xmas marks the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ and is an extremely joyous occasion which is celebrated with ardent enthusiasm, the world over. On this day, i.e., 25th of December each year, the humanity celebrates the Arrival of God into the world in the form of a human being. The spirit of this festival arrives days before the Christmas-Day. The preparations for the grand fiesta are on since the month of October itself (if not before), which are discernible through the vibrant and effervescent decorations going on everywhere. Shopping Sprees become a norm and people get busy buying gifts and cards for their friends and relatives. As we enter December, the streets are already decked with glowing lights; smell of various delicacies fill the air and the cool breeze brings to us, a sense of glee and zest. People unite through festive carnivals to rejoice together. Christmas also gives the devotees an opportunity to strengthen their faith amidst all the fun and festivities associated with the occasion. It is one of those times that have the potential to bring the family members and friends closer and make their bonds even stronger.

Christmas Celebrations – Prayers, feasts and togetherness

This festival of joy brings with itself an enthralling assortment of traditions. Christmas is undeniably one of the most esteemed and highly significant cultural events, also. The Christmas day is the most important day of the Christmas season. It is believed that Christ's mass came to be known as Christmas. Among the celebratory customs followed, attendance of church services is of paramount importance. Special prayers are conducted to glorify the name of God as part of Christmas celebrations. This makes for an extraordinary opportunity for the believers to go closer to God and to reinforce their relationship with Him. People exchange pleasantries along with gifts and greeting cards with their friends and loved ones. In fact, greeting near and dear ones with presents is one of the central facets of Christmas celebrations. Special family meals are arranged to be enjoyed with family and friends and are considerably significant with respect to the holy occasion. The Primary meal is conventionally consumed on the Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The Christmas feasts which are usually lavish in nature are fundamental to the celebrations and are organized with observable enthusiasm among the believers. Music also forms an integral part of the revelry. People sing carols as part of the celebrations and to venerate the birth of Christ. The songs of season's greetings and Christmas make the ambience joyous and serene. All these traditions play their part to make this occasion momentous in its own right.

Christmas Decorations – Bright, Colourful and Mesmerizing

People go in for prolific decorations for Christmas. The most visible and probably the most eminent of all the Christmas decorations is The Christmas Tree. Associated with the rituals of the Winter Solstice, the Christmas tree is heavily adorned with lights and beautiful ornaments. Colourful illumination, flowers, bells and candles can be seen everywhere as part of the décor. Further, icons of Jesus and Santa Claus are integrated for religious reasons. Individuals express their creativity by doing up the interiors of their homes with mistletoe, garlands, candy canes, hollies and not to forget angels are also included to give the decorations a magical appearance. The 'holly' has a special reason to be a part of the decorations. Its thorns and red berries symbolize the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus at the time of crucifixion. The customary colours of Christmas are red, green and white. The Red colour signifies the blood shed by Jesus at his crucifixion, green stands for eternal life that Lord promises to those who believe in Him and white denotes purity. Silver, blue and gold are some of the other shades which are included in the Christmas decorations. These colours not only add to the celebrations a distinct aura but also help people connect with the spiritual notion of Christmas.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus, who brings gifts to the virtuous children during the Christmas season, is immensely popular among kids all over the world for obvious reasons! Santa Claus is often portrayed as a chubby and cheerful white-bearded man who wears a red coat with white collar and cuffs along with white-cuffed red trousers, and black leather belt and boots. The children hang a Christmas stocking which is actually a sock-shaped bag on Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus can fill it with toys and other gifts when he turns up. This belief is deep-rooted amongst the masses and parents often mention the opportunity of getting gifts from Santa Claus to their children to motivate them to be upright. Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas.

Christmas Gifts – Some contemporary ideas

People start hunting for gifts for their friends and family members much before the occasion. Nowadays, they are resorting to fresh and innovative ideas in order to choose the most unique Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Candles, chocolates, showpieces, books and clothes have been always incorporated in this category. Today, electronic gadgets, iPod and iPod accessories, music CDs, art pieces, custom jewellery are fast becoming hot favourites and are increasingly being included in the gifts list of people. Technology has also paved the way for cool gift ideas and the latest electronic gadgets are much in demand as far as gifts are concerned. So, the trendiest gadgets of the season should be included while scouting for gifts.
Personal creations have a magical effect and are never out of fashion. So if you want to gift something really exceptional; something created by your own hands will effectively do the job. It can be a handicraft, a candleholder, an embellished scarf or even a mug designed or painted by self. So, go ahead and surprise your friends with something unique and personal. The greeting cards still play a key role and help you convey your best wishes and should accompany your gift. Don't forget to pick the best ones for your pals as you wish them 'Merry Christmas'. Whether your gift is materially precious or not would not matter as long as the spirit behind the process is pure. Finally, the affection and care with which the gift is given is what makes the gift invaluable for the receiver.

Christmas - So Special!

Christmas is an enormously revered event both for Christians and non-Christians and is celebrated with utmost faith and an unmatched religious fervour worldwide. People around the world observe this joyous festival by following various customs and traditions like organising meals, exchanging gifts and greeting each other. Special prayers and religious services enlighten the minds of the individuals which fortifies their relationship with God. The hopes for a better tomorrow are strengthened. Apart from having a spiritual significance, Christmas perpetuates a feeling of bonding among the individuals and brings them closer to each other. Christmas is truly an occasion of jubilation because it instils renewed faith in the hearts of believers and lights up their lives with indescribable happiness and bliss.

Merry Christmas Readers!

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