The event of Hirosimha and Nagasaki bombing

Some incidents that take place create a world history and are remembered by the people of all the generations. Students study these subjects for history. The event of Hirosimha and Nagasaki bombing is also such an incident.

The destruction of Hirosimha and Nagasaki

This event is spectacular throughout the world because the event was extremely horrifying and caused massacre. The two great cities that were harbors were completely destroyed during the war. This unfortunate event took place in the year 1945 during the second world war. The nuclear bombing that took place in Hirosimha and Nagasaki was on the 6th August 1945 and 9th August 1945 and the dates which always remain memorable to the world.

The adverse effects of the horrifying war

During the World War II almost 67 of the cities of Japan were exposed to nuclear bombing. The event of bombing on Hirosimha and Nagasaki always remains a crucial one because at least 166,000 people in Hirosimha were killed and 80,000 people were killed. Apart from that at least more than 25% of the people who died in the war was due to the cause of fumes, flame burns and other medical reasons. Many people then fell extremely ill due to the extreme pollution from the debris of the war.

The planning of the horror event

The Americans who attacked the two cities of harbor secretly worked on a nuclear project known as the Manhattan project with the other allied nations United Kingdom and Canada. Three months prior to the attack, the Target committee at Los Almos in U.S. held a meeting to target the large urban area. They planned to attack an area of three miles in diameter and target the important urban areas. They also planned to attack in such a way that extensive damage would cause to the city.The army force was completely destroyed in the war. Before the war took place in Hirosimha, Hirosimha was a place of well-established military base and industrially developed. Even Nagasaki was a place of sea harbor and many important trade events took place before the war. The two cities emerged within a short period although they were completely destroyed during the war.

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