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Every one is curious about space. When you think about space sun, solar system, Universe and astronauts comes to our mind. In this article you can find interesting facts and information about space.

What is Universe?
Universe is everything that exists (i.e) solar system, sun, planets, stars ect.

Our sun is a star. Usually star is defined as luminous body of gas. The gas that contains in star are mostly hydrogen and helium.

Do you know why stars twinkle?
Really stars wont twinkle. It wont twinkle when viewed from telescope. It seems to twinkle due to distortion of light when it passes through atmosphere.

Interesting facts about stars:

Brightest star:
Sirus which is 30 times brighter than sun. Scientist consider this one as the brightest star.

These are extremely distant radio galaxies. Radio galaxies gives out large amount of radio energy. These are detected using small radio telescope by scientist.

Black holes:
Black hole is star that has collapsed into itself. The gravity of surface is more powerful. They suck everything near to it. Light particles are also sucked by black holes. Think the gravity is million times greater than our Earth.

Galaxy are group of billion of stars that are held together by force of gravity.Most of them are either spiral or elliptical, but some are irregular in shape.

Information about galaxy:

Best known galaxy:
The best known galaxy is the Milky way. Our solar system belongs to this galaxy. The Sun and all planets take about 200,000,000years to complete one orbit about its center.

Brightest galaxy:
The Large Magellanic Cloud is the known brightest galaxy. They are visible only in the southern hemisphere of our Earth.

Largest galaxy:
Abell 2029 is the largest galaxy. It is assumed to be 90 times larger than our galaxy.

Nearest galaxy:
The well known Andromeda galaxy is the nearest galaxy. It is more than 70,000 light years from Earth.

What is Light years:
Distance in space are often described as light years. It is nothing but the distance light travels in a year.

Group of stars forms patterns in the night sky are called as constellations. There are 88 known constellation. In Indian astrology 12 zodiac constellations are used.

Solar system:
Our Solar system is made up of nine planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These all orbit around the sun due to gravitational force.

10th planet:
Astronomers think they have discovered another planet. Its official name is 2003 UB313 but now it is nick named as Xena. It is larger than Pluto.

The sun is the center of Solar system. It is more than 100 times larger than our Earth. It is made up of hydrogen and helium gases. The temperature of Sun's surface is 5,883Kelvin. But temperature at core may be 1000 times higher than the surface.The time taken for light reaching Earth from Sun is 497seconds.

Every planets has Moon. The Moon is only visible during night. Moon is the natural satellite. The Saturn has 34 moon.

Comet are made up of ice and dust. Comets are actually collection of material left over from the formation of solar system. They orbit around the Sun just like other planets.

Asteriods are just like Comets but they are irregular in shape. They are the large rock in outer space. They are found in the orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

They are well known as Shooting star.They enter the earth atmosphere. Due to friction they burn. They can be seen mostly at late night.

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