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Hi everyone am Mohamed Haarish From Adhiyamaan college of Engineering, Hosur doing my It 2011 batch. Cognizant Technologies Came for campus interview on 16.12.2010 ther 850 members have done the written exam in that 360 have been short listed from that 350 there are 191 got selected from Technical+HR round.

There were 31 panels have been splitted randomly I got the last 31st panel. In that 2 panels are stress are my interview experience.
Interview stars without any introduction from me!! I expected to spend some 5 min with my intro but it was a flop!! So be prepared for every situation..

Interviewer: Hi Haarish Good afternoon(he wished me with smile and shake my hands gently)

Me: Very good afternoon sir, how are you (I asked him) and took his hand shake with gently as he did.

Interviewer: am great haarish how you doing(he replied)

Me: yeah !! am also great came with full preparation to be an employee for CTS.
Interviewer: (he read my form which was given during before the written exam I contains my whole history. I was cleared without history of arrears and above 85 in 10+2). He asked a question from Long term and short term goal.

Me: I have return my long term goal as to became a project manager in CTS,and short term goal is to be placed in CTS..its good I think.. he smiled and asked me why don't you became an CEO in CTS?

Me : I replied to be a CEO I need to spend my whole life I don't want to lose my good time with my friends and parents sir!! He smiled

Interviewer: He smiled and asked have you prepared everything?

Me: No sir not everything but every basics from C ,C++,C# and database concepts..

Interviewer: ho that's gud to hear..wats your area of interest??

Me :Database and object oriented Programming sir..

Interviewer: wat is a database?

Me :I replied with a good real time example..

Interviewer: why we go for database?

Me: replied also for that..

Interviewer: what is normalization? And Explain upto 7th normal form with functional dependencies ?? (I was stund by this question it's the toughest part in database some what I have prepared upto 4th normal form)

Me: done with good examples from the book I learnt (it tooks some hard 15 min).
Interviewer: so what is Object Oriented Progrmming? (expected this question)

Me :with good smile I replied gently and explained everything with real time example and explained polymorphism,inheritance,abstract classes, virtual class with an example program using c#.

Interviewer: you know C# well?

Me :yes sir..

Interviewer: that's great..and what is reflection in C#.

Me : Explained the concept with a program..(since am good in programming I did everything with an example program if u r not then simply explain the concept)
Interviewer: that's great haarish..i think u have done a gud job u have any question for CTS?

Me: yes sir I have one question for you? What I have to improve myself inorder to fit for your organization?

Interviewer: I cant answer you the question? Just generalize the question if I have to answer it..

Me: I simply generalize the question for those selected candidates..

Interviewer: the answer is nothing….we ll train you guys ..thank you haarish to spend some time with me.
(I have very much relieved when he said those words increased my confidence level when I came out of the panel, since I was in the last panel I felt it may be rejection panel..but my name was in the first of those 191 proud when I say that).

Since CTS is mainly pick the peoples whose area of interest as Database..please don't mention Computer networks and Software engineering .it took to a great failure for my friend did!!

Wish you guys have a good luck for every company..thank you



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