Suggestions for health care using Ayurveda

Day by day diseases are increasing. It is because of the change in life styles. We have to maintain a good health care by practicing a better timetable in the life style. Here are some tips and suggestions for good health for both mind and body.

Some useful suggestions for Health Care using Ayurveda:

1. Try to sleep early in the night and wake up early morning everyday.

2. Always keep the teeth clean. Brush the teeth daily in the morning and after having the food.

3. Try to breathe pure oxygen always and make sure you are not breathing toxic air.

4. Keep the surroundings clean which will keep the diseases away from us.

5. Try to make a time period for excreta process.

6. Don't pass urine in the place where the water is not flowing which will easily produce and increase viral diseases.

7. Bath twice a day which will keep you healthy and the body will be away from dirt.

8. Try to practice exercise everyday at a specific time which will keep your body healthy.

9. Don't do exercise after having food. Also don't over do exercise. Do exercise which you can do by your health. Those who are doing good effort in there job are no need to do more exercise.

10. Do fasting once in a week which will help you to attain good health for both body and mind.Ayurvedha

11. Maintain a timetable for food. Don't eat food in several times when watching television etc. Eat fibrous food more and bring down the rate of eating fast food.

12. Use more leaves curry in the food which will make your vision better.

13. Don't eat food when you are tired and sitting, wait for a couple of minute to get back to standard condition for eating.

14. Don't go for highly effort job just after having food. Rest for sometime after the food.

15. Try to reduce salt, sugar, chilly powder, jiggery in the food which you eat which is the reason for the diseases like pressure and diabetics.

16. Wash the vegetables before cutting for the preparation of curry, don't wash it after cutting.

17. Don't drink water with the food we eat, drink water one hour before or after you eat food. Everyone is drinking water with the food which is not good for our health.

18. Always prepare the food for each time you eat. Don't prepare food for several times in single preparation. It will make the food not good for eating.

19. Don't think that there are good proteins in the products which are costly. The vegetables and leaves are enough for maintaining the healthy body.

20. Eat both vegetables and non-vegetables in a balanced way. Don't consider only one of this in your diet.Ayurvedha 2

21. Don't eat food as much as which fill your belly. Divide the belly into four different parts and fill two of those parts with food, one part with water and keep remaining one part as empty.

22. Don't continue smoking, drinking or any other bad habits.

23. Don't eat bakery food and fast food, which will make our body unhealthy.

24. It is good to get sunlight daily in the morning and evening.

25. Keep your hands and feet straight when sleeping, or try to lye side wise to the right side. Don't sleep in the inverted position.


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