What is SEO and how does it work?

What is SEO - How SEO Works?: Search Engine Optimizing(SEO), is the process of optimizing our website/blog, so that our website get listed in the top pages of Search Engines like Google,Yahoo etc.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very powerful method used by the Search Engines, to list and rank the pages on their search Engine, based on the keyword searched by the user. Digital marketing agencies depend heavily on search engine optimization to promote and market their websites.

For example, if you go to www.Google.com and search any keywords like TCS Placement Papers 2011 download, you will definitely get many results, and some sites may be listed in the first page of Google itself.How do you think this process takes place?

How SEO Works?

The answer for previous example is like this.,

When we search the key word TCS Placement Papers 2011 download, a request is send to their backend service and with the help of this keyword, the will search the database and not only this , this search must also rank the relevant pages, in such a way the site with very good content and key word are listed in the first pages of Google.Also during this search, the tool/search process, which is called as crawler, will check the keyword with all the content of the page. Most importantly this comparison of keyword, usually does with that of the HTML of the web page.

I guess this small example would have given you a clear cut view about the actual process takes place. Now let us see how to use SEO to make our site list in the top pages of Google.

How to use SEO to get more traffic?

Before starting to know about, how to use SEO, you must know that many people, try to use some bad techniques(called as Black Hat) to list their pages to bring their site in the top pages of Google. Some of the Black hat technologies followed are,

i) Keyword Stuffing - Some people use more keywords, repeatedly and unnecessarily thinking that the search engine will give priority to their sites.But this is absolutely wrong.Search Engines Algorithm are very good that, if we use keyword stuffing, our site will fall under black hat technology and will not be found in Search List. Some even make many keywords invisible, by giving those text color same as the background color of the page, thinking that since crawler used to compare the html content and won't find this.But actually, the technologies used are smarter enough to find these illegal practices.

ii) FarmLinks - Exchanging huge links to make their site at the top of Search Engine Results. Will discuss this in the later part of this resource.

These are some key bad practices you must avoid and can follow the methods below (White Hat) to use SEO properly,

1) Make the content very powerful and also ensure that you use the keyword Properly.Always keep in mind a visitor will come to your site again, only if the content is good.So unique content forms the basis for SEO. Next make sure you use the correct keyword appropriately.Also ensure that the heading of the content has the best keyword, so that search engine recognizes it. Make use of the keyword more than once, but not too much times,(as it comes under keyword stuffing), in your content.

2) Also ensure that you make the best use of the tags, if the field is available.

3) Don't fall under link farms - exchange of links.What is this process? This is a very specific way that Google determines the rank of a page, to list in the Search Engine Results Pages(SERP).Actually every website will have a Page Rank ranging from 1 to 10, where 10 is the maximum, and if our links appears in the site which has very good page ranks, then search engines considers our page in the top list.

So what many used to do is that, they will add their links in all the top page ranked website unnecessarily and also exchange the links, thinking that they followed SEO properly, but actually this is a kind of black hat technology, because if the links which appear in other sites are irrelevant to the content, then it won't comes under white hat. So if you have very good contents, then your site will be automatically preferred.

4) You can also make use of Social Networking sites effectively to popularize your site/blogs.

These are some of the basic techniques of SEO that you can follow to optimize the site for Search Engine.

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