Sureshot 14 tips to get Success in Board Exams

In this post I have given some points which will really help all the students having board exams to overcome the fear factor of exams.

Board Exams

Board Exams are really very much essential for all the students. Board exams makes them serious to studies. This exam makes them very fearful, They become full of tention and think how can I face this Exam .

In this post I will help them to face the Board Exams.Below are the points which help the students to give their best in the exams.

1. Start your preparation 3 months before the date of Board exams.

2. Clear all your doubts and questions regarding any subject from your teacher or tuition teacher.

3.Don't feel fear to face any exam.

4.Always start reading your books only when you are really wanted to read them because if you don't want to study at a particular time and your parents forced you to read, this will make you feel very bored and you will also start thinking about any other thing. So don't waste time and study sincerely.

5. Make a time table of your study.

6.Make a list of hard and easy topics of your subjects.

7.Specially for the mathematics subject make a full page of formulas and put it in front of your study channel.

8.Always try to learn basics first of all the subjects and then start complicated part.

9.For physics learn all the concepts based on your chapters very sincerely.

10.Always try to read in the night otherwise in the morning you can be disturbed by any other member of your family.

11. For the Chemistry subject learn all the chemical equations and write them in a separate copy.

12.Don't be nervous at the time of Board Exams.

13.You should attempt all the questions of every section.

14. Have lots of water,this will help you to overcome you from the nervousness.

These are the some basic things which will help you to give your Exams with full of accuracy and efficiency.

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