Corruption In India In Government And Private Sector

this article tells about corruption in government and private sector. examples of corruption and its solution.

Corruption is main headlines of many news papers from a long time. It is not a new issue in India.As we know china is most populated nation in the world but how many times have you heard about corruption in such a big country.The transparency international always ranks India among top nation in corruption. Every day we read in newspapers about many officials who have caught by anti corruption bureau. Most of government officials from last category to first category accustomed to corruption and its increasing in private sectors also.

Corruption in private sector in India

One of the biggest scam in private sector is satyam computers' sudden collapse. In this case CEO of satyam computers presented amplified balanced sheet to attract more investors and also withdrawn several crores of rupees by inflating the nos. of employees. This money earned from corrupted way was spent in buying land and personal purpose. He bought several thousands of acres land all around India.

Corruption in government sector in India

In govern sector corruption is part of official life.Almost every govt.official is active in these activities.Lot of cases are there for describing there but most recent is 2G scam, IPL scam, commonwealth games and s-band distribution, adarsh society case and many more cases increasing day by day.There are mainly two-three ways where corruption arises.
a.The implementation of welfare programs for poor.
b.Construction of infrastructure projects like dames,electricity, power projects, roads, communications,education, hospitals etc.

As soon as a new project or welfare activity is announced or started by the government, some greedy politicians thinks about the ways by which they can get that money in their account. This is the main cause of many national problems like poverty, unemployment. vast population and unsatisfactory resources are the main cause of corruption even the investigation agencies are also found involved in corrupt activities.

solution of corruption in India

The main solution of corruption starts from school.Children should be educated for values in life. they should be given education that money is for satisfying basic needs not for enjoying by harming others.
people should not blame others for corruption but try to rectify themselves for these habits. they should incorporate values in their life and should elect only
clean and value oriented person on chief position.
government should employ a team of checking corruption in every state from low level to high level. this team should given power to check from chief level officials to ground level officials.

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