How Can Teachers Teach In An Interesting Way?

If the teacher teaches in a boring way, students do not show their interest towards studies. The interest of the student towards studies also depends upon the teachers way of explaining. But the teachers at the same time can teach in such a way that the student develops interest towards the studies.

Teachers and students

When I recall the earlier days of my childhood, I met various teachers who used various techniques and methods for teaching. Some teachers taught us in an interesting way while some teachers were extremely boring. I remember that some students who were bored with the lessons of the teacher sat on the last bench and had a nice nap. If a teachers has the knack to explain in a skillful way, the students listen to the teachers with rapt attention or else if they feel bored they doz off. I remember that I was never interested in the subject of geography but because when I reached sixth grade, the teacher who explained the subject was so eloquent that I found geography profoundly interesting. I developed the keen interest to know about the places of the world and their climatic characteristics after the teacher starting teaching me. The teacher should always remember that she or he influences the minds of the students who develop into adults. I can never forget the lines or phrases quoted by the teachers till today because their method of teaching was so powerful. Teachers can develop ways to explain in a better way.

Ways to explain in a better way

Communication skills

Communication skills play a very important role to influence the moods and interest of the children. When the teacher explains in the class the students are mere listeners. If the message is delivered to them clearly and in a language they understand easily, they develop interest towards the subject, otherwise they cannot give the necessary heed. The language spoken by the teachers should be understood easily. Teachers should not unnecessarily use technical words only to create a good impression. Always remember that teacher does not teach children to create good impression but to make the subject more easy and interesting. The main aim of the teachers is to increase the score of the students and promote students.


The aspect of intonation also plays a significant role because it attracts the the listeners. Intonation is a powerful method of capturing attention. The teachers should know the methods of voice modulation, rising tone and falling tone etc. If the teacher is explaining in a monotonous manner then the students feel bored and feel that the subject is not interesting. Most of the students think that studying the subject has no value. The students do not discover the flavors and colors that are present in the lesson. For eg. If the teachers is teaching the subject of English "My experiences with truth ", and if the teacher raises the tone when the matter is intense and lowers the tone if any sentiments are involved, the student can properly follow the different spices associated with the lessons. If the same chapter is taught in a monotonous manner, then the student simply thinks that Gandhiji tried some experiments which have no meaning. This aspects helps the students to properly remember the lessons also. The children can learn the lessons subconsciously.

Body language

The gestures play an important role to make the students grasp the lessons. The children first observe the body movements and then listen to the teachers. Body language is equally significant to oral communication also. The children remember the concepts properly through the body language made by the teachers. Body language also indicates the interest of the teachers towards teaching. The body language becomes bold if the teacher is intense with the teaching activity. If the teacher is teaching just as a part of job, then she cannot show a proper body language.

Tools and techniques

The teachers should use the necessary tools or techniques that are used for effective teaching. If a teacher is teaching geography, then he or she should get the tools such as globe, maps, atlas etc to facilitate better teaching. The teachers should write down the points that are important in a neat handwriting. If a teacher is teaching science she should periodically arrange for laboratory visits in the school, show experiments practically and also encourage the students to perform experiments. The teacher also should emphasize upon the practical aspects of teaching when he or she finds a spare time.


Students may feel bored for a particular chapter. The teacher should then conduct some activities such as 'sit down' and 'stand up' for about ten times to create alertness and to develop interest. I remember the activities in my school days. The teachers can also organize games relating to syllabus to show how interesting the subjects can be. There are many games relating to vocabulary such as 'What's the good word'? etc.

Physical appearance

The teachers create their impression first by their physical appearance. The teacher need not look beautiful or come to the class with loads of make-up to create a good impression. The teacher should appear neat and tidy. The teacher should wear clothes that are washed and ironed neatly. The teachers should appear fresh and neat.

Warmth and empathy

Teacher is not only a person who explains the difficult chapters of the subject in an easier and interesting manner. The teacher should also greet the students and behave warmly with the students. The teacher takes the place of parents in school or class. She should not show a partial attitude towards the students because the students are easily disheartened. The teacher should win affection from the students because she or he always has a special role to play.

Not be too aggressive

Some of the teachers become very aggressive while teaching. I remember that some teachers always made the students read the paras of the lesson first and asked questions before teaching. If the students did not know anything about the subject, they spoke to the students in a taunting manner. After speaking two to three hurting words, they explained the lesson. The teacher should allow some activity from the children but she should also understand her feelings and duty. Some of the teachers have the habit of constantly pestering the students while teaching. These activities should be avoided. She or he should realize that the students are in the process of learning and depend upon the teachers. The teacher has the right to correct the students under some special circumstances.


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