How to get early promotion in office?

Every candidate has to struggle for a certain period to study the environment of office. Some candidates always wonder why their mates are promoted when they are not working very hard. There are many ways to promote your career in a company.

You, colleagues and boss

You may be working hard that spending many hours in the office. But yet your boss is not impressed by your work. You may be working very honestly and may not be demanding any extra payment for your work but yet you are not appreciated by your boss and your colleagues. Even after being intelligent and having a good academic background you are not entitled to any recognition. You are literally confused not able to understand the area of weakness? But the other colleagues who are working moderately are being promoted to higher levels even when they are not really very intelligent.

Lack of soft skills – hampers professional success

Skills are basically typified into hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the methodologies and strategies applied to complete the task accurately. Hard skills include the skills of solving complex problems, knowing the theories, understanding the concepts of a subject etc. such skills are usually taught to the students when they are learners. But soft skills are the skills that are inherited or need to be developed.

Most of the candidates today lack soft skills which actually prevents them from professional success which is very essential in the competitive world of today. Today due to the cut-throat competition only limited candidates can gain a higher position. Hence the boss judges the candidates on the basis of the soft skills that are essential.

There are many types of soft skills which the boss takes into consideration
Communication skill is one of the important skills that affect the career of a candidate. Communication skills include the ability to communicate with the boss and the other associated people in the office. More than the skills of language or grammar it includes the skills of presentation in your speech. Your speech should be precise and be clear. The candidates should have the skills of communicating in a right way at the right time. Communication skills also include the follow-up of the candidate. The candidate should follow-up to the boss periodically. The candidate need not be called by the boss personally but if the candidate follows his boss when he is free and asks him the queries he comes across then the boss is really impressed by him. The line of communication should be open with the boss. Most of the candidates commit a mistake when they attend a meeting with the boss. They are not able to communicate effectively and hence the boss thinks that the candidate is not progressing in the office. In the meetings the candidate should be prompt in answering the boss. He should answer the question promptly and should answer to the point. Most of the candidates often answer in a 'beat around the bush' patterns which often irritates the boss.

Some candidates lack the skill of time management which annoys the boss. When the task is supposed to be completed within a specified period of time, it should be submitted within that period. The candidate should not preferably submit the task by a few minutes late also. time management is the key to professional success. If the candidate is not able to complete on time due to genuine reason such as technical problems, they should immediately report to his boss and ask for an extension. If he encounters any problems he should report it immediately and ask for a time extension. He should learn to manage his time by understanding the nature of the work and setting a time. He should constantly look at the watch.

Some candidates lack the skills of applying their intellect. They have knowledge about variety of subjects but yet are not able to apply the knowledge correctly and for the right situation. A candidate who has studied B.Com with good marks is confused with the system of debit and credit when he comes across a new software. The reason is because he has not realized the application of the concept in real life. He has only studied the meaning and definition of debit and credit but never thought that how the formula is applied in workplace. Many candidates today face this problem because they learn the concepts by-heart when they are in colleges. To avoid such problems in work places the candidate should prepare himself for the future from the student life itself. If he faces the problem in his workplace then he should try hard to develop the skills. He should always learn the deepness of the case by asking his seniors, and colleagues.

Presentation skill is another skill which some candidates lack. The skill includes the ability to prove smarter to other people through their speech and appearance. You can appear to be good looking even if you are not and smarter even when you are not. The boss usually remembers the candidate by the first meeting.

Another skill that is very essential to the candidate to facilitate career growth is the ability to adapt to the environment. The candidates should understand the face of the environment and adapt accordingly. Every office or company adapts different strategies for growth which the candidate should understand. The needs and requirements of every office are different which the candidate should understand.

The candidate should have the ability to study the environment structure of the company or office independently. Most of the candidates depend upon seniors to understand the structure of the office which triggers the boss.


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