How to conquer fear?

Fear is a very irrational feeling of mind that brings negative results. Fear should be conquered by the means of positive thinking. Fear should be tackled.

How to conquer fears

Fear is an irrational negative feeling or emotion that anticipates a negative event to take place. Fear is usually caused due to the feeling of uncertainty or anticipated negative result in mind. Fear hamper the progress of an individual due to the negative thought in mind. Negative thoughts always give negative results. Fear is developed in mind due to many reasons such as failure, death, injury, loss etc. The fear should be healthy and rational to facilitate an action. If the failure is only leading to negative results or withdrawal then it is vague. Every individual comes across fear at least at some point of life. Failure usually takes place due to the negative result in the past. For eg. If a student has failed in Mathematics in a test then he develops a fear for the subject. He is not able to study effectively and may face more anxiety during the time of examination and hence come across the failure again. Fear should be conquered at the earliest because fear always grows in mind and brings negative result always. There are many ways to conquer fear

Ways to conquer fear

Fear is caused due to a variety of reasons. But fear is caused in routine life for the failure to take place. A student may have the fear to be punished by the teacher. The candidate or a jobholder has the fear to be insulted by the boss. The businessman has the fear to incur loss. The fear for failure can be conquered by a number of ways.

Accept failure
In our routine life we should realize that "failure is the stepping stone to success" which is a wise old saying. Some aspects of life are learnt only through failures in life. We should always remember that failure teaches us more than the success. People like Abrahman Lincoln, Thomas Alva Edison faced dismal failure of life and are successful today. People criticized sharply when Thomas Alva Edison faced host of failures with his experimentation but he did not pay heed and successfully invented a new filament for the bulb. Nobody becomes successful unless they learn to face failures of life. When you come across failure you must tackle the fear other than crying. You should not hamper the activity due to the occurrence of failure but personally do the activity and wait for the result. Remember that fear for failure occurs before the failure takes place.

Think positive
Instead of thinking of a negative consequence of an event be strong enough to think positive also. Develop positive thinking at the earliest. Negative thinking always breeds negative results. Stop worrying because it is only a waste of time and energy. If you develop positive thinking you can instead think of some constructive action and promote your future although you may face failure in the current situation. You can acquire the skills to think positive by reading books, outdoor activities and active participation in many activities.

Fear for status
Many people have the fear of losing status and respect. Most of us are scared to be humiliated but forget that this event is just temporary. If you take a radical step people would obviously speak ill about you but immediately if you commit something positive those same people praise you next time. People speak ill about you because it is one of the easiest activity to do so. They perhaps are not engaged with any constructive activity and so they think that it is one of the pastime activity. Do not be worried about the opinion about others because you have not harmed anyone. Remember that in reality nobody has the right to form an opinion about you without your permission.

Loss of money
People like businessmen fear the occurrence of loss in a company. At this point of time they should think more in intellectual terms. They should accept the calamity as an opportunity to rectify the weaker spots existing in the business. They should also remember that money always comes and goes. But their intellectual power comes and grows. Many businessmen became successful after dismal failures. Since he is a business he should have the capacity to bear the risk of loss.

Failure for other events

People fear for other reasons such as falling from height, occurrence of a disease, accidents, and other unusual events.
The reason for the above failures is due to the fear for death. We all should realize that one day every person passes away and should be able to accept death in a positive way. Death is an end to sufferings and stress of life also. Hence they should be happy with themselves until they die.
Some people always become anxious that a disease or an event would occur to them. Such people usually over analyze a situation or constantly brood over things that are not constructive. If a person is constantly browsing through the internet about cancer or other negative events then he gradually develops a feeling that 'what if he develops'? hence the man should be accompanied by positive sources in life. He should be accompanied by good books, good people and good environment.


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