Some common complaints of school children and how to face them

Children commonly complain to their parents, siblings or friends about some things that are common. Parents should take an active role in understanding the problems of the kids. The children also at the same time cope up with the problems.

Children and happy life

Every child has a right to enjoy life. They need some pleasure-filled and enjoyable days in their life that become memorable to them later on. If you give happiness to a child even in a small way the child remembers you for life. Children are the strength of a nation because tomorrow they can bring tremendous progress to our nation. Many poor children of yesterday have brought prosperity to the nation today. Teachers should mold a child into a strong fabric so that they are always remembered. A student will never forget a teacher who has supported them in his or her need. But in our day to day life we find many students complaining about their teachers in so many ways.

Common complaints of teachers and ways to cope

Partial attitude

Many students of the class complain that their teachers show a partial attitude towards students. Many students state that their teachers give special privilege to students who are rich and fair-looking but insult the other students in the class. I have personally viewed during my primary school days that teachers never punished the students who did not complete their homework and were rich and good looking. But if the same mistake was committed by an ordinary student the student was spanked and even made to kneel down in front of the class. The teacher can punish both the students equally. If the children continuously view such happenings at such a young age then they lose their confidence and enthusiasm. The teacher may not realize the mistake she is committing today but later on may realize the mistake when she undergoes the same injustice. But the child at the same time should not lose confidence and constantly blame the teachers for such erratic behavior. The parents may complain to the teacher and later on higher authorities if the teacher behaves irrationally with the child. But every time a parent cannot file a complaint so in this case they should teach the child to accept the challenge. Many poor kids like B.R. Ambedkar faced pathetic problems in their childhood days but they accepted the challenges of life and became a legendary figure after they grew up. Similarly the parents should encourage the child to work more hard and also prepare them mentally. They should teach the child to live with self-dignity and work hard to promote themselves.

Over strict nature of the teacher

Some teachers in class are extremely strict although they are not partial. So you may recall the teachers of your class who were so strict that they lifted a ruler in their hand for a petty cause. Such kind of strictness petrifies the students in the class. Some teachers are just short tempered by nature. The child should preferably obey the rules of such teacher and never give them a scope to take action. They should complete the homework on time and submit the class assignments on time. If they encounter any problem send a note to them immediately. Such teachers are always happy if you appear to be very co-operative with them. The students can complain to their parents if the child is severely punished. Such teachers need counseling from someone. These teachers follow the preposition "Spare the rod and spoil the child".

Lack of interest in teaching

The teacher should never show any lack of interest towards teaching. The teachers main duty in the class is to teach the students with interest. The teacher should show a lot of interest while explaining anything to the children. When they teach in the class they should teach the students with lots of interest, cite more examples and crack jokes in between. Apart from teaching the students they should also show personal interest. If the teacher shows lack of interest then the students should ask more questions to the teacher. The parent may personally talk to the teacher regarding the teaching aspect in a more polite manner.


The children are usually bored if the teacher only concentrates on teaching and homework. Children need some aspect of fun in their life. Apart from teaching the teacher should also take personal interest on the child. When the teacher is free she should indulge in activities such as extra activities. Some students who are interested in extra-circular activities should be given chance to present them in front of the class so that the child becomes bold also. If the child requires special attention then the child can freely or directly talk to the teacher about his or her interests. Such queries can never irritate the teacher but the teacher on the contrary feels important.


This complaint is usually made by the high school students who want to become more independent. The primary kids can never express this odd feeling because they are not very matured to understand the problem. Some teachers always peep through the papers when the children are writing the exam and constantly correct the mistakes. They become inquisitive with the personal life of the students that they ask about their personal belongings. Some teachers even have the habit of asking the students about the pencil and rubbers used by the students. Some students who are poor cannot maintain good stationary items with them but some teachers ask them that why are they not having good pencils or rubbers. The child in this case should politely state that the issue is between their parents and them and so accordingly they would resolve it.

Blaming the parents

The teachers blame the parents if the child does not behave properly in class. The teacher can instead scold the child for ill-behavior. The child should directly state the teacher in a softer tone that the teacher should not blame their parents.

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