Problems with parents and children and ways to cope the problem

Do your parents force you to eat the vegetable that you do not like? Do your parents always pester you to study constantly? Do your parents spank you when you score low? Do not worry! these problems are always common. You can probably do something to avoid the problems.

Parents and children

Parents always love their children and no power on the earth can doubt the love between parents and children. The parents are always ready to risk their life for the betterment of children. They earn money by perspiring even in odd situations to feed their children and build their future. But yet misunderstandings between parents and children always take place. Some differences always occur between parents and children due to the problem of generation gap and their way of bringing up. If a certain level of understanding occurs between parents and children both of them would be the happiest persons in the world.

Problem with parents and how to cope up

Whenever any problem of opinion clash or misunderstandings occur between parents and children both of them have a role to play. The parents should understand that their children are innocent and are not aware about the hardships of life. Parents should obey their parents because their parents can never misguide them or do something to spoil the future. In extreme cases the children even abandon their parents or marry someone against their wishes. These problems occur due to barrier in communication.

Do parents force their children?

Children between the age of six to fourteen usually complain that their parents always force them with certain issues that they are not comfortable. Most of the children commonly complain that their parents force them to eat the vegetables that they do not like. Some children complain that they are not interested in dancing activity but their parents force them to learn Indian classical dance. Some students complain that their parents always force them to study for hours together. In above cases, although the parents love their children very much and expect for a better life, then why do the children show a sense of unhappiness with their parents? Parents are always worried about the future of the children and the child should realize this point. Parents force you to eat the vegetable you do not like because they think that you should compromise at least at some point of life and you should not face any hardships to compromise then. They force you to learn dancing because they think that your life should be filled with colors and you must learn something valuable in life. Perhaps they wanted to learn dancing but their economic conditions did not permit to learn what they wanted. If you are totally uncomforable with their wants then you can speak to them openly. If you are not interested in dancing then tell them that you have been attending dance class but you are not able to learn the steps properly because you are not comfortable. Be happy that your parents care for you so much and want to be better citizens of life.

Anger of the parents when you produce mark sheet with low marks

If you have not studied and you score low marks in the exam then your parents would probably feel angry. They are working hard to provide you better education, then if you do not score well, they feel annoyed. Never mind! Apologize them and promise them to work harder. If you are studying for the subject hard and do not score well, tell them that you are facing difficulty with the subject and need tuition. Be honest to your parents in your approach. Do not hide your marks card to prevent any sort of punishment from them. They ultimately love you.

Do parents apply pressure ?

Some parents expect very high marks from their children and rebuke them even if they score a mark low. Some parents expect that their kids should learn in a very reputed institution of India and secure very good job in a large MNC company. They start applying pressure to their kids for this purpose. In this case the role of the parents become major. The parents cannot actually evaluate the capacity of the child. Every child in the world is not born intelligent. If a child faces any sort of pressure then the child cannot achieve the minimum output also. I have personally viewed that some parents apply pressure to their children to attain eligibility in IIT colleges even if they are not very intelligent and the children do not attain the goal but simply waste their one year in college also. Some parents always expect that their children attain first rank. In this case the parents do they expect that their child should be born to be a wonder child? The parents should remember that they are not born with all the powers and hence they have their limitations. The children should not be carried away emotionally by the behavior of the parents but should openly communicate to them and seek advise from good people.

Some parents expect that their children should study too much

Some parents feel restless when they view that their children are not studying. They always expect that the child locks up in a room and studies. Do you think that your child learn too much by studying for hours together. Do you think that your child becomes very intelligent by studying many books? Your children require mental rest and hence they cannot do any work continuously like a machine. Give your child some sort of refreshment after certain hours of studying so that they feel refreshed.

Comparison done by parents

Some parents always compare the characteristics of their children with others. Remember that every child in the world is unique. If you feel to compare your kids with someone please remember that you have not still studied the nature of your child. Parents who know their children well never compare their kids to anyone. The child also should not talk much because probably their parents realize this later. Even if they compare you to someone they still love you.

Do your parents love your siblings more than you

Do not ever misunderstand your parent's love with you. They probably expect you to be more responsible than your younger sibling and expect you to take care of them. They have taken care of their younger brothers or sisters when they were young and so they expect the same from you too.

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Author: K Mohan10 Mar 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I am of the opinion that parents are always the well wishers of the children and there cannot be two opinions on this. When ever parents are insisting for eating good food or prepare for good studies, it should not taken in offended away. After all every parent has the dream for their children and they want to achieve the goal with ease. More over due to competition, we cannot stay back or lag behind for want of one or two marks to be ahead of others. So parents have their own calculations and children must obey.

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