Summer Camps And Vacation Courses In India

Another summer vacation arrives and the Indian cities are preparing to welcome it with a whole new lot of summer camps and vacation-courses. Summer camps has become the ideal way to spend the vacation.Here are some information about the courses offered and the summer camps to be held in the Indian metros this year...

Summer Camps in India

The April heat is arriving and with it comes the two-month long summer vacation. Amid the hectic study-schedules and the exam rush, the young minds are eagerly looking forward to enjoy another summer vacation with a lot of energy.

Times and people have changed, and so has the practices. Yet, a child's fun and joy associated with the mere thought of the arriving vacation seem ceaseless. Adding to this excitement, numerous camps and activities are on the wait in various cities of our country to make this summer-time another memorable experience.

The concept of Modern Summer Camps & Vacation courses
Many nostalgic thoughts are evoked in our minds by the very word 'Summer Vacation'. A golden time spent in the company of dear pals, with no homework and tests to worry about, an endless list of games and pranks to be played, adventurous treasure-hunts, exciting summer-fairs, exotic touring experiences and lots and lots of fun! These ancient lovely vacation ideas have now evolved with time to give way for the concept of modern summer camps that guarantees excitement along with infotainment.

Goal of the Summer Camps
The summer camps for the children of today are generally camps or workshops that aim at transforming the two-month long vacation time into a fruitful and exciting one. Thanks to the development of science and media, the creativity of today's youth is curbed and crushed, when children sit glued to their television or computer screens for hours and hours. While their busy parents find it unable to spend time with their kids and fail to control their recreation habits, the summer camps aim to divert their attention into a social circle where they get to meet new friends, experienced teachers and develop their innate talents.

Opportunities Offered by Summer Camps
Designed for a wide range of children and teenagers, the summer camps provide ample choice. Parents can opt for camps that demand the admission and stay of their ward for the whole course of the camp or opt for camps that provide daily sessions. Either of these is beneficial and affordable. Yet another option is to admit the kids to weekend-classes that give specialized training on various arts like music, dance, drama, literary talents, drawing and computer related topics like animation and programming. In any of these options, the child can leave the comfort of his home and step into a practical, friendly world where he can gain confidence to express himself. The initial shyness and inhibitions will soon melt away once he breaks the ice.

An Ideal Summer-Camp
An ideal summer camp is a complete package of a variety of activities. It covers a wide range of activities from artistic talents and development of personality to educational and social skills. It tries to give an idea of tradition and culture too. In a world full of self-centered people, a growing child must realize the moral values that his culture stands for and imbibe those values. Modern Indian summer camps are exceptional in this regard. Thus an ideal summer camp gives positive views on various arts and practices of our nation and kindles the enthusiasm to explore. Such camps and courses happen every year in all Indian cities and such a camp is the ideal one for the children of today.

Courses and training offered
Summer Camps offer training on a plethora of skills- artistic, literary, self-development, sports or spiritual. Numerous institutions are coming forth with innovative summer courses. All that we need to do is identify the talents hidden in our children and encourage them to nurture it. While the all-time favorite courses are music, dance and personality development, short term courses are offered also for training in martial arts, drama and theatre arts, sketching and painting, cookery, fashion design, photography, animation, computer programming, web-designing, communication skills, multi-language skills, trekking, horse-riding, swimming, skating, magic, adventure sports, tennis and other games.

Summer camps in India offer courses basically on the following labels:

1. Talent-Oriented
These are designed to bring the artistic and literary talents of the children into limelight. Music, dance and drama are the most popular ones in this lot. Photography is becoming a widespread passion of the youth and hence training is provided in the art of photography. For those who love colors, drawing and painting classes are available while for others who love textile-designing, the basics of fashion-technology are offered. Those who have a passion for cooking can join cookery classes and for the tiny tots who aspire to be magicians, classes on magic are held. These talent-oriented summer camps can inspire and empower the talents in a child.

2. Social Skills and Self-development
Personality development is another great art which your child can develop this summer. Such classes are held in all Indian cities to develop a generation of citizens that possess vibrant and impressive personalities. These classes are conducted by personality development trainers and the focus is on confidence-boosting, public speaking and the courage to confront audiences. Such courses enable children to eliminate their frights and fears and express themselves confidently. Communication skills and spoken-English classes are also offered which help children get rid of their language-fears and use the English language as an effective medium of communication.

3. Spirituality-Clubs
Another branch of vacation camps is linked to spirituality and the art of living. To refresh the young minds and to train them on meditation and yoga, meditation camps are held. Parents are also admitted in such camps along with the children. Such camps help in development of a healthy and peaceful society.

4. Tech-Courses
If your child is tech-savvy, then there is a plethora of summer camps that blend technological wizardry with entertainment. Graphic designing, web-designing, computer programming, animation and many more tech-courses are offered that enhance a kid's knowledge of this computer-controlled world.

5. Sports and Games
For kids who love sports and games, a bunch of sports courses are offered by the sports institutions of the country. Football coaching and cricket coaching along with coaching for tennis, golf, and many other sports are offered. Swimming and water-sports are also included in the sports camps. Apart from making this summer fun filled with sports and games, such courses can create good exercising habits in the children.

2011 Summer camps in Indian Metros
The following are the details regarding the summer camps and vacation courses that are to be held in the Indian metro cities this year:

1. Smart Kids Innovation education camps
- Conducts academic and special interest camps.
- Location - Shalimar Bagh, Delhi North.

2. PAIPA Summer Camp
- For kids of age 10-18 yrs.
- Classes on performing arts.
- Dayanand Nagar, Lajpat Colony, New Delhi.

1. Sam Trek Adventure Summer camps
- Adventure trips and camps for school children.
- 2-Nights and 3-days camp package.

2. Summer Camp MAD (Make a Difference) 2011 by Maitri group
- For children of age 7-15yrs.
- 21st April to 30th May.
- Ganjawala Lane, Mumbai, India.

1. Kinder stand Summer camps 2011
- For children of age 2-12 yrs.
- Academic and artistic activities.
- Besant Nagar, North Chennai.

2. Summer Camps by EJ Music & Arts Academy
- Classes on arts, jewellery designing, toy-making, music etc.
- Near C.D.S super market, Velachery, Chennai.

3. Camps by Acharya International robotics school
- From April 18, 2011.
- For children of age 8-17 yrs.

1. Holistic Child development camp
- Authorized by University of Cambridge
- For children of age 4 yrs and above
- Academic development camps
- HRBR Kalyan Nagar, East Bangalore.

2. Summer Camp Spring Green
- Courses on arts, sciences and robotics.
- Jayanagar 9th block,
South Bangalore.

3. Young Director Summer camp
- Multimedia courses for kids of age 4-16yrs.
- Creativity-oriented.
- Movie-making, sound technology and more.
- 1st floor, K.R.Road, B.S.K 2nd stage,

Fun and Entertainment Guaranteed
Summer camps have simplified the role and tasks of parents. Apart from enhancing the talents of a child, summer camps provide an atmosphere of friendship and fun. Still, parents shall not forget that their children develop their best when in company of their family. Hence, it is necessary that parents care to spend some quality time with their children. Along with this, a few weeks of attending a perfect summer-camp or vacation course can make your child's vacation memorable. So before the coming academic year, let the children enjoy their well-deserved vacation with some lovely family-moments and let them jive and jig in their favorite summer-camps. Happy summer!

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