Exclusive secret tips to clear aptitude tests

Best Aptitude tests Interview preparation tips, tricks & hacks to get shortlisted by excelling in aptitude tests have been detailed. Use them to hone your interview skills and successfully clear the screening test.

Simple hacks to clear your aptitude test:

1. Follow a strategy to make an intelligent guesses, especially when there isn't any negative marking(trust me, this saves a lot of time):

o Observe all options
o Rule out the vague answers which don't fit there
o Amongst rest of the options, check subsets for a pattern, like:
§ 26.3
§ 23.6
§ 2.63
In that case, the probability of answer being amongst 26.3 & 23.6 is high.

o From the narrowed down remaining options, select the answer by just having your priority order of yours like:
§ B>C>D>A
§ C>B>D>A

o History shows that B & C are statistically better options than in A or D ;). So I give them higher priority.

o Not having a priority order will only leave you confused & waste time.

2. Sometimes, in objective tests, the answer key has equal distribution of all 4 options. For 100 questions -> 25 As, 25 Bs.... So check out if you can use it for the last one/two questions.

3. Even if there is 25% negative marking, it's worth making an intelligent guess since the probability of it to be correct is also 25% + "intelligent guess bonus" which often is in your favour. More than 25% negative marking is risky!

4. If you have (seriously) prepared for CAT, you can rest assured that clearing aptitude won't be much of an issue, so rest assured ;)

5. The test comprises of easy/medium level questions, relatively simple as compared to what you had done for any entrance after intermediate or 12th. So just brush up the basics so that you reach the optimum level which was before the entrance tests after 12th!

6. Practice is indeed your best bet. Manage the time well between the technical & aptitude sections (if given an option).

7. Previous years' company question papers are the best way to get an idea of what to expect.

Let me know through your feedback below if you would like to have some more "hacks" ;)

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