Qualities needed to make money honestly

The importance of money in daily life, the problems created by the money and everything which should be known by everyone about money is described in this article. This article will help you to understand everything about money.

Integrity needed to make money

Money makes many people lose their integrity. Our integrity is exceedingly important. At no cost should we lose it. Remember that it is easy to lose our integrity for the sake of money. But once we have lost our integrity, it is impossible for us to buy it back. Any amount of money cannot find integrity that has been lost. Sooner or later the one who loses his integrity is bound to lose his reputation.

It is only a matter of time. In the long run it is our integrity which gets us that money which brings us joy. Such money is also relatively more permanent in nature. On the other hand, money, which is ill gotten, carries with it the curse of those who have been wronged. This is why it is bound to cause sorrow to its owner. After all, the means never justifies the end.

Observation power is another quality to make money

If we keep our eyes and ears open we are bound to discover some route by which we can make money. To make money we need to see how others make money. And then we should examine if we can adopt such means or not.

Advertisements and announcements in the newspapers, magazines, radio, television and Internet provide vital information. This information can be used to make money. It is our observation power that helps us to explore possibilities and exploit opportunities. We have to be vigilant and carry out a search for good opportunities, which could prove to be golden.

Introspection is another attribute needed for making money

We need to look into ourselves to discover our strengths and weaknesses. Others who know us could help us to know ourselves better. For this we need to remember the compliments or criticisms we have received in the past. We need to match our profession with our inclinations and interests keeping in mind our resources.

We need to look at our past without restricting ourselves to our failures. In the past even if we had achieved success we could have still made some mistakes which should not be repeated in the future. We need to put questions to ourselves. These questions should be thoughtfully chosen and honestly answered.

Remember that dishonest answers would tantamount to cheating us and not others. We should look at the possibility of choosing a vocation, which suits our lifestyle. In the alternative we can consider changing our lifestyle.

Imagination and Anticipation are also important quality

We need to visualize situations that could arise while we carry out our moneymaking activities. The bottlenecks and ifs & buts should be studied and anticipated. We need to survey situations to determine what leads to what. We ought to remember that foresight comes only with insight.

We should plan remedial measures to rectify any adverse consequences that may come our way. Remember that our thoughts always get translated to reality. Hence our thought process must be disciplined and distinct.

Tact and tolerance are main attributes for making money

Nothing comes in this world without a price. This particularly holds good for money. When it comes to moneymaking we need to have control over our emotions. Our feelings cannot be vented out impulsively if we wish to reach the destination of money. We need to be tactful to say the right kind of things at the right time to the right persons in the right manner.

Remember that the presentation of our grievances is directly related to their acceptance. We need to study and understand who listens to whom. This will help us to achieve our objectives.

We have to respond and react by the head and not by the heart alone. Everyone is sentimental and we should never take anyone for granted. If we do so, we may be in for a rude surprise. Anger is the enemy of tact and tolerance. While tact and tolerance help us to achieve our objectives, anger prevents us from doing so.

Being an Extrovert is the best quality for making money

Meeting people and interacting with them helps us in making money. It enhances the ways and means by which we can make money. People bring with them opportunities, ideas, references, resources etc which can guide us to reach the destination of money.

Increasing our social circle increases our chances of making money. It also has an impact on the quantum of the money we can make.

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Author: Mahalakshmi T14 Apr 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

A well written article. But almost every one are interested to make huge money in a very short period. We need money to live a decent life but we should not loose our sleep over money.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das22 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Earning money is wish of most of the people.
Some want money just for their bread and butter, and some need luxurious life.
So either you do job, business or theft but you need money.If you want to be honest and want to start earning good money then it is bound that you need to start a business.
what type of business you should do?
Look around you what resources you are having, what is the short fall product in your locality, how much man power and money power you can arrange? what is your gross investment and working capital needed?
How much profit you are expecting in what period? By analysis those things start a business.
Suppose you are in a village where most of people are depend upon farming you can start a cold store to provide them service as well as you make money.
If you do not have capability to invest then you can become a middle man between the buyer and seller and can earn good money.

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