How To Deal With Grown Up Children-A Tips For Parents

Dealing with grownup children are always a challenging task for the parents. A different approach on dealing with them certainly improve the relation between the children and their parents. This article reveals some tips regarding deal with the grownup children.

It is a great challenge for the parents to deal with grown up children. When the children are growing up, we could find many changes like anger, dis respecting elders, , strain, impatience etc. Dealing with all these changes makes parents a huge challenging task. This is the time when parents need lot of patience and intelligence to deal with the emotions. During this stage, the grown up children find themselves comfortable with peer groups than their parents. They feel little bit hesitation to go along with their parents but at the same time they feel happy to go with their peer groups. Here the parents must understand the like and dislike of their children. Though the legs are their own but you should be the torch to show the way.

Understand your children, about his/her needs and interests:

It is the most important part of having a good relationship with your children. Parents must have some conversation with their children over all issues. They can be involved to take some important decisions in the family matters. In the recent past few years, parents have enough money to spare with their children but they find no time. This is the major cause of clashes between parents and their children. So, without daily conversation you cannot understand your children. While talking, always try to analyze the positive and negative aspects of your children. Think of the various ways to reduce the negative aspects of your children. If you are rejecting any desires of your children then don't forget to explain the reason in a simple manner.

Choose courses according to the interest of your children:

When your children become grownup and are have enough knowledge to choose courses for their higher education in such a situation, parents must take some opinion from the children before taking any decision for the future career. The courses may not be for your children if they dislike the course and they have no taste of their choice. Nowadays, children are going with great pace and they have more knowledge than their parents.

Try to share everything with your children irrespective of any age gap.

Make friendly relation with your children. Sharing your views and over any issue with your children will definitely help them to understand you better. In the same manner, ask their views over any issues to know them better. So, keeping friendly relation will definitely improve the relation between the children and parents.

Try to arrange coaching or tuition classes for your children if they needed:

If your children are not doing much to your expectation in certain subject then instead of getting annoyed over them try to find out the real solution for the problem raised. Getting angry over the children may worsen the situation. You can arrange a tuition class for the concerned subject and give them scope for improvement.

Do not compare your children with others:

The most commonly found mistakes often committed by the parents are comparison with other classmates. Almost all parents have this ill quality to compare their children with other classmates. The parents often failed to understand the talent their child have but instead they applaud other children by degrade their own. This should be entirely avoided.

Do not speak about the weaknesses of your children with others:

Generally, the grownup children dislike revealing of their weakness to others. In my opinion, their weaknesses should be pinpointed in a private surrounding and give them enough scope for overcome from their weaknesses.

Monitor the peer group of your children:

Grown up children are often misguided by their peer groups. So, the parents advised to monitor their peer relation and their impacts. If your children are mixed with wrong peer group then try to recover from the group by explaining all the problem he is going to face in the future.

Do not give long and continuous advise to grown up children:

Grownup children are not comfort with long and continuous advise. So, parents can given them advise in a short and brief condensed way. Actually tackling grownup children are very tough. We have to keep two points in our , one is relation and the other one is behavioral changes of your children. You should deal all the problem very carefully in such a way that the relation should not be collapsed.

Always have a faith over your children:

Always have faith on your children. Losing hopes on them may demoralize their hard work and the result may in adverse end. As for as possible, you should make clear your stand that you have enough faith on your children. This may compel them to stick to the whole journey to produce a good result.

Keep your promises to your children:

Keeping promise will be a good quality to be liked by your children. Never betray your promises because your children is learning all moral values from you only.

Put your hands on their shoulder when they are in great distress or stress & strain:

Give your full support to your children when they are in great distress or strain. By leaving your hands on your children will definitely feel your support which will bounce them to overcome from their distress situations.

Don't speak about your sacrifice for your children:

Never speak to your children regarding the suffering you have faced for your children. At the same time never speak about the money spent on their studies. It is very often discussed by the parents about the money they spend on their children and the sacrifice made for their children these least activities will create a cheap impression over the mind of your children. On the other hand, if the same thing heard by someone else then your children will be highly impressed of your sacrifice.

Don't have a huge expectation from your children:

Huge expectation will always end in a frustration. So, the expectation should be reasonable as per the ability of your children. Try to have a normal expectation on your children and with improved performance of your children the expectation may go up but is painful to state that many parents have high expectation due to which the children feel much pressure to bear with it. Such incidence may end in an adverse result.

Don't provide high cost cellphones:

Nowadays, the cellphones are becoming very popular and fashionable for the children. I find it is the responsibility of the parents to make understand your children that the cellphones are essential for communication only but it should not be used as a material for entertainment. So, provide them with least cost cell phones.


I hope this article will definitely help the parents to understand their children and in the same time children will find helpful to understand their parents. With the mutual understandings of parents and children, they may succeed to attain the goal easily. So, finally, I would suggest instead of generating conflict always try to understand one another to flourish and to be fruitful.

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