Green Power To Be Generated Through Artificial Leaf

Photosynthesis through artificial leafs is the recent development through lot of researches which scientist have developed. The invention costs very inexpensive components like nickel and cobalt widely available across the globe.

It is a phenomenal development by the scientists which they have invented a artificial leaf which have a size as good as a play card will generate solar energy in a mimic way of photosynthesis which plants used to convert water and sunlight in to energy.

The research and development of this artificial leaf lead by Daniel Nocera. The artificial leaf is said to be more economical and inexpensive for the source of this electricity and will be helpful to those who are in poor stage unable to afford the modern electricity.

The research team's main aim is to provide the light and electricity for the poor in developing countries; hence they believe this artificial leaf will work as a power station in such poor homes particularly in India and African countries.

Artificial leafs will have circuits instead of chlorophyll

The process of generation through this artificial leaf is identical to that of which leafs used to generate energy through water and sunlight.

The process of silicon, electronics and catalysts will be the same with an addition of around seven and half litre of water and bright sunlight are the requirements for the generation of solar energy through this artificial leaf.

The process of generation of energy will be done through splitting the water in to two equal components i.e., hydrogen and oxygen. Further the gases will be stored in the fuel cell and the artificial leaf uses these two stored components to produce the required electricity and the whole unit can be placed on the top of the house.

This methodology of creating artificial leaf is about a decade old and it was first experimented by John Turner who belongs to US national Renewable Energy Laboratory, but due to impracticable devices which was used at that time, the life span of the process used to carry out only for one day, whereas the recent development made by Nocera consists of most inexpensive materials moreover the materials used are available widely and the process invented carry out with a simple process.

The new artificial leaf invented can carry out the operation successfully and also continuously for over 45 hours. The device is made up of nickel and cobalt and these two components are capable to split the water element even under simple conditions.

The artificial leaf invented now by Nocera is capable to carry out photosynthesis ten times more than what the natural leaf will do.

Further studies and researches are going on to improve the efficiency of the artificial leaf by way of photosynthesis.

Nature has empowered with the process of photosynthesis the only aspect is to learn the skill which nature have to utilize the process for the good of people who are in need of it.

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