How Parents Can Play An Important Role In The Studies Of Their Children

Indeed the parents play a vital role in the studies of their children. They encourages their children. They dedicate their lives for the betterment of their children. Underlined few tips for the parents and children may help a lot in bring both closer to each other.

Parents are playing a major role in the studies of their children. They provide all necessary things for their children, so they set a huge target to achieve by their son /daughters. These attitude mounts a huge pressure over the children. They can bring a drastic changes in the behavior as well as in the studies of their children. I would like to suggest few points over various ways from which a parent can be helpful for their children in studies. All parents want their children to become a high rank officer or a good businessman. Different children have talent in different fields. So, it is the responsibility of parents to know what our children be capable of and how much they can be?

Do not watch Television when your children are studying.

It is experienced many times, parents used to watch television serial interestingly when their children are preparing for their examination. These activities make the children to feel that their parents are not concern with their exam and they do not give enough weightage to the exam preparation of their children. This type of least activity may bring a negative impact over the behavior of your children. So, please switch off your television during the examination preparation of your children. All your dedications will be noted by your children and they assess all your positive as well as negative aspects of your deeds.

Always accompany your children during the examination days:

Try to spend more time with your children when they prepare for their examination. It is advisable to have some cool conversation which may help in relieving their tension or stress of examination. Never get angry with your children during examination preparation hours. This type of conflict may bring an adverse effect on the behavioral changes of your children. Raising voice against your children and refusing their desires in a wrong way may lead to break in relations and that will hamper the exam preparations.

Give nutritious food items to your children during examination days:

During examination days, your children will be in great need of nutritious foods. They need lot of energy to keep their health fit and strong. So, try to provide food rich in carbohydrate, protein, fats and some minerals. Adding seasonal fruits to the diet of your children will have a good impact on the health of your children. It happened many times due to stress, strain and fear over the examination, often the children fell ill during or just before the commencement of examination which is a straight setback for his/her performance. So, the health of your children should be monitored with great care.
Recommended foods:
For morning breakfast.
  • fruit salad.
  • Bread with jam.
  • Banana with milk and rusk.
  • Oats or corn flakes.
  • children can also be given our
  • traditional dishes like idly, dosa etc.

For lunch:
  • Rice with dal
  • fishes
  • meat once in a week.
  • green vegetables.
  • Egg.
  • any sweet at the end of lunch.
  • for vegetarians-curd and rice is more suitable.

For Dinner:
  • Rice and dal,
  • fry fishes,
  • one cup of vegetable but leafy vegetables are not recommended for the dinner.

Important tips for parents and children for examination preparation..
1. Try to drop them in the examination centre and pick them from the same centre.
2. Don't put over pressure to study throughout the day and night.
3. Give them a short break in between their exam preparation.
4. Provide them with last 3 years old question paper and let solve the question paper.
5. Make them aware of time factor needed while writing examination.
6. Do not encourage them of copying from any sources.
7. Advise your children to be honest as for as possible while writing examination.
8. Avoid late night study on the previous day of examination.
9. Day before the examination, keep everything over the table such as hall ticket, pen, pencil, and other required materials.
10. Always wear uniform on the day of examination.

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