Naturopathy cures of a fast beating heart and related problems

Pollution, contaminated water, wrong dietary habits, mental tensions- all without exceptions pervade the entire gamut of the lives of us humans. This is culminating into the excessive incidences of a number of cardio vascular ailments affecting every one out of an average total adult of 10 of the world. Let’s have a look at this scourge which is killing humans mercilessly through the discussion below.

Overkill of physical labour and want of nutritional dietary supplements also result into being victims of heart ailments in all the cases of a number of males and females suffering from heart problems. Whereas, in rich families, excess of indiscriminate eating and absence of physical exercise from the erratic life styles give rise to heart attacks.


o The starts of a sudden fast beating of heart,

o Starts of a Intense heart beat after doing even a bit of every physical labour,

o Fast beatings while climbing a little of the of stairs,

o When heart moves fast by walking a distance with a load in hands,

o Drenching of face and whole of the body as a whole with sweat,

o Excess feeling of tiredness,

o Giddiness in the head and as if the head is making rounds in circles etc.

Although I can give you the botanical names as well of all the items used in the Naturopathy scheme of thing for treating the ailment but that would be as meaningless as talking in a foreign language you won't understand, as a result, my discussion here would turn redundant being of no use to you.

I will therefore, give you the common names of the ingredients so that you stand benefited.

Treating it through Naturopathy

o Make powder of dried Amala after drying and grinding it. Mix it with equal quantity of grinded mishri (sugar balls). Keep it in a bowl of glass. Take 6 grams (two spoonfuls) of the powder daily, every morning empty stomach.

Within some days, the entire complications along with the fast beating heart problem will vanish into the thin air, particularly the heart beating, weakness of heart, and senselessness etc. This is a magic potion, don't you forget!

o Mix 3 grams of powder of the skin (outer walls) of arjun, 10 grams of cow ghee, and 10 grams of mishri and take it daily. The disorder of the heart beating would be gone into the wind.
o Grind 10 grams of the fresh anar fruit leaves and mix it with200 grams of water and filter the water. Drink it in the morning and evening daily to ward off the complication related to the fast beating heart.

o Spread the paste of Fresh leaves around the area of your heart with the paste of fresh kasani leaves grinded with jauw( the grain) flour. Heart beat complication will blow off like camphor.

o Taking 100 grams of anar juice daily in the morning is immensely beneficial in such cases.

o Juice of gajar is highly recommended.

o Make khowa (khoya) with 500 grams of milk and 10 grams of mishri. Take mishri powder mixed with equivalent weights of the khoya and eat 10 grams of it daily to stand greatly relieved from the condition of fast heart beatings.

o Drinking 3 grams of dhania powder mixed with fresh water with mishri daily is also a great reliever.

o Drinking of Sherwat of shahtoot is greatly helpful.

o The 20 grams of juice of fresh brahmi mixed with 5 grams of honey removes the fast heart beating problem.

o 10 grams of soft fresh green leaves of bargad- tree, grinded with 150 grams of water and filtered thereafter and then drank-will go far to remove your ailment of beating fast heart.

o Make powder of 20 grams each of amala, bahera, harad, and dried brahmi. Mix 50 grams of powdered mishri into it. Take it 5 grams with cow milk or water daily in the morning and the evening.

o Make a Powder of 25 grams of small ilaechi mixed with 500 grams of arjun skin. Drink it daily in the morning mixed with 3 grams of water.

o Make powder of Ashwagandha and baherra by grinding. Take 3 grams of this powder with gur and warm water. Weakness of heart will go.

o Mix lemon juice with 15 grams of water. It's too essential in cases of fast heart beats. Drnking nimboo shikanji is also highly beneficial.

o Prepare powder of 25 grams each of piparamool and small ilaechi. Taking 3 grams of this powder with cow ghee will greatly remove constipation thereby reducing the complication of fast heart beating.

o One glass of chhach daily is a great reliever of the condition.

ConclusiosIf you are feeling heavy an uncomfortable around the heart and the heart beat is moving up and up and sweating too, eat aaloo bukhara or suckle sweet anar fruit. You shall feel highly relieved from this.


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