Understanding different shots and strokes of cricket world

We are going to elaborate various shots known in the cricketing world such as: - pull shot, cover drive, reverse sweep, late cut, lofted shot, square cut, sweep shot, straight drives etc…Come to discuss this in details.

The mega sporting event in cricket has begun with the ICC World Cup final concluding on the 2nd of March to be played between India Ceylon . How can one forget those shots which are attached with the names of players, when cricket is pervading everywhere in the atmosphere? Let's know about these special shots…

There are some shots in cricket which have got attached with some particular players. The very faces of the players get flashed into mind with the very mentions of the particular shots. Some of the shots are taught by the coaches with great pride, while some comes up after experimenting. Among the shots doing glories to the coaches is the shot known as straight drive occupying special place. Let's begin with this shot…..

Straight Drive

Straight drives are the shots which are generally hit by the sides of bowlers. In the cricketing world, this shot is counted as the most secured and more run churner, because there is no fielder behind the bowler. It's said that players of Mumbai are known for their knack of playing this particular shot very expertly. Sunil Gavaskar is from Mumbai and is the master of this shot. Sachin Tendulkar is an expert too in this shot. Sunil Gavaskar says that the Mubaikars play this shot well because they have a habit of playing gully cricket. If you play shots by sides, i.e. left and right sides of the wicket, there is every possibilities of hitting the homes, breaking window glass panes of the residents inviting uproars. In such a situation, it is most secured to hit the balls straight.


This is most favourable shot for those players who use their wrists the most. Turning the ball pitched around the leg stump towards onside with the wrists is called flicks. Azharuddin was the master of this stroke. Amongst the present players is VVS Luxman of whom there is nobody parallel.

Hook and pull

These shots are played only on short pitch. In general course, shots played above the shoulders are called shot hook while the shot played from as high around at the level of chest towards the on onside is called shot pull. Rahul Dravid is declared expert in pull among the batsmen. Ricky Ponting too does a good hoock and pull. But Brian Lara has mastered this art. Kapildeo did pull in an unique style which is called Natraj pull. The posture of Kapil Deo, at the time of throwing this particular shot, very much resembled with that of Natraj, thus being named as Natraj pull. Mahendra Amarnath also loved to throw this shot.

Cover Drive

Coming on back foot or front foot, that shot which is played in an area which makes a 45 degree angle near the batsman and the bowler is known as cover drive. Apart from keeping the name of Sachin Tendulkar in every types of shots, because he plays every shots very well amongst which is the lofted shot, also played very well by Yusuf Pathan. Saurav Ganguli had mastered the art of cover drive. Rahul Dravid had once remarked about him that in the offside, only God can play such a beautiful stroke other than Saurav.

Square and late cut

Playing the ball at the off side in the square of wicket, a little short and off the stumps is known as square, which means the foot thumbs of the batsman while hitting the shot remain in the direction to the area, about where the ball is played. There was no answer to playing of square cut of West Indies' great opener Gordo Gridge. Gundappa too ha made a mark in the shot.


This shot gives directions to the short pitch ball of fast bowler only above the slips or the gully. Possibly, no one can ever forget ever this shot played between Pakistan and India in 2003 world cup. Sachin had hit sixes slashing the ball of Shoeb Akhtar. Virendra Sehbaugh is a master stroker of this shot.

Switch Hit

Kevin Peterson could be seen these days playing topsy turvy shots. This is switch hit. Peterson himself had invented this. The right hander Peterson suddenly changing into like a left hander plays this shot of switch hit. The shot was a topic of a very hot discussion, that why not Peterson be given a LBW treating him to be a left hander Batsman in place of a right hander batsman. The verdict is still not out.

Helicopter Shot

People must have noticed Mahendra Singh Dhoni hitting sixes through helicopter Shots. In this, the bat moves full circle. Dhoni played this shot most during the beginning of his career. The persons noticing Srikant this shot know the tyoe from before.


This in a way scoop, meaning thereby, that when the ball be at the leg stumps, then it be played from reverse side falling on the knees. Sri Lankan batsman Tilak Ratne Dilshan plays this shot the best. Hence, the name Dilscoop.

Reverse Sweep

This shot is exactly when you sweep floors with a broom. These shots are called sweeps. Graham Gooch was an expert of this shot. This shot, when played in opposite way i.e. in offside, then the shot is called reverse sweep. Mike Gatting is remembered for hitting this shot. Gatting was given out on this very shot in 1987 world cup final. Dev Hawton of Zimbabe was the master of this shot. This shot is also known as Hawton sweep. Yusuf Pathan has made use of the shot in Suth African tour in a most splendid way.


If you wish to make your cricket watch a real watch, familiarising yourself is essential the shots being hit by the players and commented upon by the commentators with great aplomb.

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