April 7th: World Health Day

April 7th is observed as the World Health Day. With so many health-related issues and ailments prevailing in the world, 2011 World Health day spreads the message against anti-microbial resistance.

April 7th is world health day. Every year, the World Health organization observes April 7th as the World Health day to make the people aware of any one of the major health related issues. This year, World Health Organization launches a great campaign all over the world to protect and conserve medicines for the future generations.

World health day 2011 slogan:

The slogan adopted this year is 'anti-microbial resistance: no action today, no cure tomorrow'.

Anti-microbial resistance

Anti-microbial resistance means the resistance attained to antibiotics by certain micro organisms or bacteria.
Antibiotics are life-saving medicines but recent studies revealed that these antibiotics lose its upper hand on infectious microbes. The disease-causing viruses and bacteria have become resistant to many wonder medicines. The effectiveness of many life-saving medicines is under threat due to the anti-microbial resistance. If situation continues like this, our society may become prey to a pre-antibiotic period.


The main reason for this microbial resistance is the excessive or improper usage of antibiotics. People do not take care in using antibiotics. Antibiotics are medicines to be administered under the supervision of doctors with correct dosage and at definite intervals. The misuse of antibiotics helps the microorganisms to outlive the capacity of antibiotics.


When microbes become highly resistant, infections or diseases fail to respond to normal or usual treatments. Emergence of highly resistant super-microbes has become a threat to modern medical world. Years of hard work and research could not get the result if antibiotics become useless. It is a very dangerous situation.


The judicious use of antibiotics is the message of this year's world health day. Reports say variations in the genetic structure help them to attain this immunity. Certain generations of bacteria do not get destroyed by medicines. They acquire strength against antibiotics through the constant and continuous use of antibiotics. Such microbes respond to medicines in many ways.

1.Some of them destroy the antibiotics completely.

2.Some make the antibiotics ineffective by producing certain enzymes.

3.Some others prevent the antibiotics from entering the cells.

4.Certain microbes pump out the antibiotics from the cells.

This is a serious situation of acquired immunity of micro organisms.

How to prevent anti-microbial resistance

1.A precautious use of antibiotics is very essential. The tendency of the people to opt for antibiotics for each and every disease is to be avoided. Some people use antibiotics even for cold or flu.

2.Antibiotics are not pain-killers. Continuous unscientific use of antibiotics for a long time may help certain organisms to multiply.

3.Don't use antibiotics without the prescription of doctors. That is, do not self-treat.

4.Continue the medicines as per the prescriptions and advice of the doctor. There is a habit that when the symptoms disappear, patients stop medication without seeking the opinion of their doctors. This also helps the bacteria to become stronger.

5.Correct dosage at correct intervals is strictly to be adhered to.

A balanced use of antibiotics is essential to combat antibiotic resistance. Tuberculosis is a multi-drug-resistant disease but recently, we saw a stronger re-entry of TB due to microbial resistance. Spreading of hospital-generated diseases is mainly due to the acquired immunity of micro organisms to antibiotics. Government, society, doctors, pharmaceuticals etc should unite to fight against this serious danger. Hygiene in hospitals is to be improved. Infections are to be controlled. A close monitoring of anti biotic usage is required. To make people aware of the care to be taken in the use of antibiotics is also important. If the microorganisms attain immunity, they cannot be destroyed by medicines. In such circumstances, society cannot find solutions to fatal diseases.

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Author: Jagdish Patro30 Mar 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

It is a very good article related to health and hygiene. The over dosage of antibiotics may sometimes lead to infections of the important body organs like kidneys, urinary bladder and liver. The various acids interact with these body organs and health problems are likely to arise in due course. Even doctors also prescribe the dose initially for a period of three days or five days and extend it based on the requirement. It is not ideal to use antibiotic drugs on our own and it should be administered as per the advice of the doctor.

It is also true that the patients discontinue the usage of the drugs when the symptoms appear to be cleared. The time limit prescribed should strictly be followed, otherwise the internal bacteria may again crop up. hopefully, Government would also organise the health awareness programmes on the eve of the coming World Health Day on 7th April 2014.

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