Glowing beauty even in summer

The scorching heat of the summer can be extremely harmful to our skin and it can snatch away the skin’s glow. What should be done to protect the skin from the harmful rays and return the natural glow?

It is impossible to stay indoors just because the temperatures and heat outside can cause sun burns. Dry skin, sun burns and such issues have already become part of the summer. To protect the skin and prevent skin-problems, it becomes essential to spare some time for skin-care. While the market is flooded with skin-care cosmetics and products, one should be cautious about which brand to use. The wrong choice may give the skin undesirable effects and even cause allergies. From the right summer diet to choosing the appropriate cosmetics, summer skin-care needs proper analysis.

Moisturizing the skin

The skin should always stay hydrated during summer. One can use either a natural moisturizer or an artificial one. The perfect natural moisturizer is rose water. 4-5 drops of rose water can be mixed with cold boiled water and kept ready in a spray-bottle. Spraying this moisturizer onto the skin at one-hour intervals can help the skin stay wet and moisturized. If choosing for an artificial moisturizer, it is wise to go for moisturizers that contain anti-oxidants. After bath and before going to bed, the skin can be massaged with the moisturizer.

Moisturizing the area below the eyes can retain the liveliness and freshness of the eyes. But since this skin is very soft, eye-creams can be used instead of moisturizers. To prevent dark circles, the area around the eyes should be massaged with an eye-cream both in the morning and in the evening.

Getting rid of pimples and marks

With ageing, pimples and blackheads start appearing on the face. These should be prevented before they start becoming a menace. Massaging the face with aloe Vera gel can help in getting rid of the marks to a great extent. Applying castor oil on the eyebrows thickens and blackens the eyebrows and gives them charm.

To give the body an all-day sustained energy and to keep the face fresh all day long, drink 2 glasses of water when you get up in the morning.

Green Diet

It is advised to avoid fried foods and junk foods in the summer and consume a green diet.

1.The excessive fat in the junk foods can cause harm to the skin. The green leafy vegetables contain a high amount of anti-oxidants and these anti-oxidants help to rejuvenate the skin.

2.Fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, mangoes, watermelons etc and vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, and onions are other anti-oxidant sources that retain the skin's youthfulness.

3.Having a green salad daily can be the solution to all skin-problems. This can eliminate the excess calories from the body.

4.For drinks, fresh fruit juices, lassi and green tea can be favored.

Using Make-up

Those who use make-up daily should opt for brands that suit their skin and do not harm the skin. Brands with sun-protection can help the skin stay away from heat-burns. The following points can be remembered while choosing the make up brands:

1.Usually fragrant cosmetics lead to allergies and hence, be cautious while buying them.

2.If low-grade cosmetics are used daily, it may cause terrible effects and infections on the skin.

3.Regular use of make up may ruin the natural glow of the skin and make the skin harsh.

4.The changes in temperature make the skin prone to dryness. Always use a trusted moisturizer to moisturize the skin.

5.Anti-ageing creams are available in all cosmetic shops. To give the skin a beautiful young look, anti-ageing creams can be used. Eye-creams and wrinkle creams also help in skin-protection. But while buying them, read the product details carefully and choose the product that best suits your skin.

For shining nails

Beautiful nails form beautiful hands. The nails should be given proper care so that they stay healthy and clean. Here are a few nail-care tips:

1.Avoid painting your nails every now and then. This allows growth of new healthy nails.

2.The cuticles below the nails should not be filed off. This skin is what protects the nails from infections.

3.To prevent breaking of nails, keep them immersed in olive oil for 20-25 minutes. This will render smooth and soft nails.

4.To get rid of the spots and scars on the nails, keep them immersed in lemon juice for 10 minutes.

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