Some Simple Tips For Flower Gardening Which Will Enhance The Beauty Of Areas Around You

We will learn something about the simple tips for flower gardening through this discussion. This article has the details of when to start planting, select plants from the nursery and many more ways to enhance the look of your garden.The article also has a brief description about floriculture- study of flower which will help you more in beautifying your garden.The article also traces the history of where did it all began.

Summer has begun. Soon the summer vacations will start also. This is a good time. Taking advantage of this vacation, you can indulge into your favourite pastimes and hobbies and hone your skills, which include swimming, reading, creative arts etc.

There is one art which does not require any fees. That is gardening. By planting flowers in the front or the inside of your homes, you can not only fill yourself with utter joys to daily watch the growing flowers of different hues and colours but gather the accolades of others too. Especially, summer flowers add to the beauty of the landscapes. There is not much of labour involved in planting summer flowers. You need to choose special type of flowers in advance. Summer flowering bulbs will be better. If you are going to plant flowers in the month of April, then select flowers the timings of which falls in between the months of June to September. There are many choices for this. Chief among these are Amaranths, Asters, Cockscomb, etc. Alongside these flowers, Annuals, Perennial bulbs, and wine also can be planted. Annuals are flowers which blossom through out the year. Main among the indoor plants are, Cosmos, sun flower, Lithonia rotund flora, Salvia, Genda etc. If you so wish, you can plant daily lily. Plant these flowers this ways to see how kites fly around your beautiful gardening.

Types of gardening

There are two types of gardening,
1. Indoor and,
2. Outdoor.

But majority of flowers are meant for planting outdoors. Money plant is the most common best suited for indoors. Then, why delay it? Just go to the nearby nursery and have your favourite pick. The world of these flowers are not limited to the garden merely. There is more to it. The world is very big and very separate.

Flowers are important

It all began in Turkey. People there started offering flowers as gift. Later on, during the Middle Ages, separate notion began being attached with separate types of flowers. For example, white roses are looked upon as attached with the purities of Christian religion. We think that offering flowers as gifts is stylish and after a fashion. But this fashion was in vogue in India since olden times. These flowers display emotions conveying some messages or the other. Not only the rose has some symbolic meaning but other flowers do have other meanings too. Do some ferreting about to know what your favourite different flowers mean actually.

Meaning of national flower

Why do national anthem, national flag and other national things are deliberated upon? Have you ever given thoughts over this that why the lotus is our national flower? Do these flowers act as symbols or they are selected randomly? The scientific name of lotus is nelumbo nuciface. Ths is treated as pure flower. This flower, though living in mud is totally untouched from mud and dirt. This reflects the cleanliness of body and mind. In Purana in Hindu religion, much importance ha been attached with lotus. The Hindu God Vishnu is called Kamalnayan. The opening up of the flower petals have been compared with the opening awareness of the human beings. Part from India, the national flower of Vietnam is also lotus. Egyptians also give importance to this flower, because this is worshipped as Sun God. Meaning thereby, that our national flower is treated important in many countries!


Study of flowers:: That part of horticulture which researches on the growing of flowers, , industry, ornamental plants etc is called floriculture. Under this scheme of things, flowers are grown not only in trays but through the cell. There is a team of Indian Society of floriculture professionals in India in Pune. Research meetings are held every year here. There goes a continuous trial daily to grow newer types of flowers with the guidance of these professionals. In this, main role s are played by agriculture scientists and engineering applying newer technologies to grow more different varieties of flowers. An entire world is hidden in the back ground of that little showing flower.

Flower gardening tips for summers

o If there is dearth of space, keep the money plant in the bottle of jam,
o Adorn hanging plants in your balcony,
o Plant different coloured flowers,
o Do plant peony, delphinium, lupine,
o Keep rotating the sides of hanging plants,
o Indoor gardening could also be done with ornamental flowers.


Perhaps this is why it has been said, “Every creation of this universe occupies its own space and importance. Size doesn't matter!"

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