Problems related to the working couples and their children

This article completely explains the problems faced by the children of working couples. Behavioral changes, understanding problems, conflict between the parents and children, tips for the working couples to cope up the problems of their children and many more.


This was always a problem for the working couples to look after their children. As both running behind money and in the moment they lagging behind in providing love & affection to their children. It is a right of each and every child to get love and affection from their parents but that was denied in the busy world. There are certain incident where very few parents could manage to balance both the family life and professional life in a well manner. Nowadays, everyone have much money but don't have emotions like love, affection, empathy, humor, helping nature and many more. Everyone living a mechanical life today with all electronic gadgets. It is true to say that in the past children used to play with their fellow classmates but now the children used to play with computers. Does a computer have feelings? No, that is why our children also have no feelings of love & affection.

Role of domestic servant in the life a children:

We all know that usually a house servant engaged in all houses of working couples. The child has to remain with the servant and slowly and slowly the child learns everything from the servant who may not be an intellectual. As the days passed on the child acquire all qualities of the servant instead of acquiring the characters of their parents. This made a huge gap as the child grows up. Generally, the domestic servants are out of school and they have no importance of education in their life. So, the same thing flow to the children as well and by learning all these things in a wrong manner the child grows by dis-respecting their parents and elders. With their hard work they could manage to save a handful amount of money but all these go waste as their children not updated with the required moral education. They find no time to share with their children but can spend money on his or her demand.

Problems of children of working parents

When the child attains the teen age, they may choose a wrong way by utilizing the opportunity of absent of their parents from their home for around 10 hours a day. There is a possibility of connecting to some unwanted website and social networking and may go wrong in their life. As there is no one to direct the children towards the good usage of computers and internet but the story goes in another way because of not spending any time with their parents. So, it is very important for the working couples to have an eye on their children around the clock. It is evident from the history of many children went wrong in connecting with social networking sites. In their teen ages, they have nothing to analyze the difference of true and false going on in the internet. They cannot identify the fake messages and original messages. Many old man saying themselves as a young man of 18 yrs and after having some good chatting experience it came to know that he was an old man and many more. So, working couples should have some good conversation with their children daily.

Understanding problem with parents

The root cause of conflict between the parents and adult children is low conversation. Parents are always busy with their schedule not taking care of their children. Many parents even don't know the desires and dislikes of their children. All time putting pressure on studying instead of finding his innate powers and qualities. Parents desire is forcefully injecting into the children to achieve the target set by their parents not bothering his own interest and taste. These type of activities makes a huge difference in their understanding level of parents and children. Sometimes the children starts quarreling with their parents in many aspects. The views changes, ideas changes so the ambition of the children goes to the dustbin leaving frustration.

Tips for the working parents.

  • As for as possible engage grand parents for taking care of your children
  • Don't engage children as your house servant.
  • Your servant should be honest and taking care of you and your family.
  • Don't delay in making payment of your domestic servant.
  • Never doubt the integrity of your servant unless and until getting a solid proof.
  • Don't believe your domestic servant during the initial period
  • Always study the family background of your servant.
  • You should be ready to help your house servant treating them as your family member.
  • Have some good conversation with your house servant.
  • Always insist your servant to wear neat and clean dress.
  • Healthy and hygienic condition of your house should be given the top priority.
  • As for as possible never allow your children to stay at home lonely
  • Let your children to access internet in the presence of family members.
  • Don't spare huge amount of money to your children.
  • As for as possible engage your children busy in sports and other co-curricular activities.
  • Don't go against the interest of your children.
  • Get a look of the peer group of your children.
  • Nothing wrong in making clear of your reason for rejecting any of their desires.

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