What is tourism and its types?

In this article, you would know about tourism that what is it and what are its types. Tourism is an activity for recreational or leisure activities of people. It is also an essential part of our life as it refresh the mind and reduce the stress of our life.

What is tourism?

Tourism refers to the business of providing accommodation & associated services to the people visiting places. Tourism involves two elements i.e. the journey to the destination & stay.
Tourism is a temporary short term moment of people of destinations outside the place of their residence. Tourism is undertaken for recreation, sight seen, pilgrimage for medical reasons, for adventure etc.

Types of tourism:

Following are some types of tourism:

1. Recreational tourism:

Tourism is an often activity for recreational purpose. Most tourism took for a change and rest; this is the reason why package tours have become so popular.

2. Environmental tourism:

Rich and affluent tourist are preferred to spend more visits to remote places where they get pollution free airs to breath.

3. Historical tourism:

Tourist is interested to know how our forefather lived and administered in a particular area. They visit heritage locations, temples, churches, museums, forts etc.

4. Ethnic tourism:

This refers to people traveling to distance places looking to their routes and attending to family obligations. Marriage and death bring people together to their native places. Persons who are settled overseas during later part of life visit place of their birth for giving boost to ethnic tourism.

5. Cultural tourism:

Some people are interested to know how other people or communities stay, survive and prosper. The kind of culture they practice their art and music is different from ours. So in order to acquire knowledge, understands culture well, to become familiar with the culture, they undertake journey.

6. Adventure tourism:

There is a trend among the youth to take adventure tour. They go for trekking,
rock climbing, river rafting etc. They organized camp fire and stay under the blue sky. This tourism is meant for people with strong nerves who can tolerate stress.

7. Health tourism:

In recent years, health tourism has become highly popular. People visit nature cure centers and hospitals providing specialist treatment. Many foreigners visit India for treatment because similar services in their country are costly.

8. Religious tourism:

India represents multi-religious composition of population. Various package tours are organized to enable people to attend the religious duties and visit places of religious importance. E.g. Char Dham yatra.

9. Music tourism:

It can be part of pleasure tourism as it includes moment of people to sing and listen music and enjoy it.

10. Village tourism:

It involves traveling and arranging tours in order to popularize various village destinations.

11. Wild life tourism:

It can be an Eco and animal friendly tourism. Wild life tourism means watching wild animals in their natural habitat.

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