What Is Interstitial Lung Disease (ILd) And How Is It Treated

The interstitial lung disease or lung fibrosis disease is an incurable disease. This article deals with this disease. It details how the medical science has evolved root and branches, especially in the fields of stem cells transplantation which has resulted into the patients of the disease heaving a sigh of from this disease. How is it possible? Please go ahead to know more of it.

What is ILD

Normally the cells of lung keeps on self repairing to maintain its elasticity and sufficient quantity of oxygen might keep on flowing unto the lungs. But when the repairing takes place more than is desirable, and when the immune system becomes more active, the elasticity of the tissues get diminished or finished resulting into swollen breathing and dry coughing.

Causes of ILD

  • Chemical pollutants spread over in the atmosphere such as asbestos and spices etc,
  • In cancer patients after chemotherapy,
  • After radiotherapy of chest,
  • Lupus, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis could be the cause of ILD,
  • Recurrent chest infection could be the case also.

The Vizag city of Andhra Pradesh is the nation's massive business centre of Indian spices. Perhaps due to this reason, one of its residents, Ram Prakash had become habitual of tolerating the pungent hot smells of spices. But Ram Prakash, at the age of 59, had never even in his dreams, thought that his business of spices would cause an incurable interstitial lung disease at his ripe old age.

In fact, Ram Prakash was complaining since long of suffering from dry cough. When all the routine medicines failed on his audacious dried cough, then, under compulsions, he had to be administered cortisone (a type of asteroids). Nevertheless, it provided some relief but for a short period though. The disease did not go of course. As a result, he was advised to take cortisone regularly.

Lack of awareness about interstitial lung disease

Being himself a wakeful patient Ram Prakash knew the bad effects of cortisone and therefore he consulted a pulmonologist (chest physician) who in his turn advised him for stem cell transplantation. Since this procedure is comparatively new, people have many misconceptions about this and there is lack of knowledge about this among people. Although it is in practice abroad since some years past!

You shall be surprised to know that right after the three sessions of stem cells, 2/3rd of Ram Prakash's lung was free from interstitial lung disease. He had left cortisone long before.

Interstitial lung disease could prove deadly

Lung fibrosis or ILD or interstitial disease could be fatal:

  • Pulmonary hyper tension,
  • Heart failure (right sided).
  • Respiratory failure.

All of above diseases are deadly which must be made aware of to the patients suffering from any or all the above stated diseases.

When in doubt of suffering from ILD?

Whenever in doubts of interstitial disease, get the following tests done immediately:

  • X-Ray of chest,
  • C.T. Scan,
  • Pulmonary function test.

On he basis of such reports, the doctors would prescribe the necessary instruction to follow up.

The function of stem cells in ILD

In the patients of this disease, mysenchymal stem cells (MSC) obtained from Wharton jelly and endothelial progenitor cells obtained from umbilical cord blood, in a specific quantity are flown into the blood so that the immune system gets pressed into the tissues along with the elasticity.

Present views about ILD

Although the success gained after Ram Prakash has been replicated in the contexts of some more patients of Hyderabad and Chennai, but its long term result could only be known in coming years. Even then the relief that suffering patients have felt after the treatments have given reasons to smile to the Doctors.

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