The intention of ‘World No-Tobacco Day on May 31st’

The world is polluting mostly with the carbon dioxide and monoxide gases, due to which it badly affects the environment as well as the living being. However, smoking tobacco not only causes ill to self but also causes seriously to the nearest persons. The world health organization started a revolution to stop or control this, fixing a particular day May 31 as the ‘World No-tobacco Day’. This article is about the day and something about ‘Tobacco’, which should strictly prohibit in our mind completely.

The history says:

In 1987, the world health assembly decided to keep a particular day May 31, to promote and control the death rate caused by chewing and smoking tobacco in the world. In addition, a petition was passed at 'WHO' to remember and organize this day every year around the world. The aim of this day is to know, about the losses from tobacco, and how to get rid of it. April 7 1988 is the birth date of World Health Organization 'WHO'. However, as per the summit 'WHA 42.19' the day changed to May 31 instead of April 7. Now it crossed more than two decades, but the death rate not controlled so far.

The annual death rate due to Tobacco

As the world faces with many dilemmas, Tobacco is also became one of the most horrible cause in world. Millions of people being killed due to this, every year and the Govt. and World Health Organization taking various steps and actions to eradicate this problem. As the various Govt. and private organizations are promoting and making awareness among every rural and urban peoples, but there is no statistics of decreasing the death rate due to this. As per a survey by 'WHO', every year more than 5 million people killed by chewing and smoking tobacco in worldwide.

Slogans used every year on World No-Tobacco Day

1988 - Tobacco or Health: choose health
1989 - Women and tobacco: the female smoker: at added risk
1990 - Childhood and youth without tobacco: growing up without tobacco
1991 -Public places and transport: better be tobacco free
1992 - Tobacco free workplaces: safer and healthier
1993 - Health services: our windows to a tobacco free world
1994 - Media and tobacco: get the message across
1995 - Tobacco costs more than you think
1996 - Sport and art without tobacco: play it tobacco free
1997 - United for a tobacco free world
1998 - Growing up without tobacco
1999 - Leave the pack behind
2000 - Tobacco kills, don't be duped
2001 - Second-hand smoke kills
2002 - Tobacco free sports
2003 - Tobacco free film, tobacco free fashion
2004 - Tobacco and poverty, a vicious circle
2005 - Health professionals against tobacco
2006 - Tobacco: deadly in any form or disguise
2007 - Smoke free inside
2008 - Tobacco-free youth
2009 - Tobacco health warnings
2010 - Gender and tobacco with an emphasis
"The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control" is the slogan and theme for May 31, 2011 by World Health Organization.

Required awareness

  • The presence of tar, nicotine, nitrosamines and nearby forty alkaloids present in tobacco. Commonly people know that cancer is caused due to the presence of nicotine only, whereas, tar, nitrosamine, and aromatic hydrocarbon is also responsible. Heart disease, cancer, nervous system failure, chest pain, gastric, ulcer are the common disease caused by chewing or smoking tobacco. The chances of cancer in smokers are twenty times more that of non-smokers. In other way, youths are getting more addicted to tobacco these days. If a person smokes inside a room, the other living persons also suffered with the same diseases. Smoking is strictly restricted for pregnant women and their relatives as it affect to their unborn baby.
  • While smoking, the nicotine enters in to blood through the respiratory system. The most important fact is, within fifteen second of smoke, the smoke flows to brain and enhances the 'Neurotransmitter' chemicals present in brain. This helps a person to be more energetic, stress-free, and pleasant, concentrate, workaholic etc. additionally the person became addicted.
  • Only by saying, one cannot be getting rid of smoking. There is a need of self-centeredness or self-interest. First, be aware of the causes and bad effects to humankind. Then, make own decision strictly to control or/and can take 'Nicotine Replacement Therapy-NRT' by consulting specialists or doctors.
  • As per some American researchers, AIDS may be a reason of smoking. The presence of viral and inflectional objects in tobacco smoke stimulates the AIDS viruses. Chain smokers may follow 'Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy' to secure from high rated diseases.

How to ignore smoking and chewing tobacco

  1. Make decision your own, mentally strict to avoid tobacco first
  2. Do not consume water fifteen minute before chew nicotine added chewing-gums
  3. Take a warm bath daily in evening
  4. Drink more water and eat more green vegetables
  5. Make a daily routine of your profession or work
  6. Try to give more concentrate on your profession or job
  7. Avoid friendly offers from your friends and colleagues, keep out of tobacco
  8. Do some exercise and Yoga to keep the mind cool and body rest.

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