What is the role of political party in democracy?

In this article I have discussed the importance of formation of political party in a democratic system of Government along with special emphasis on the roles and responsibilities of the political parties and their leaders to build up bright and prosperous country.

What is a political party?

In a democratic country political parties play important role to implement Government policies for the common interests of the peoples. In democracy system of forming Government many political organizations nominate their candidates to take active part during formulation and decision of Government policies.
The registered political parties can participate in electoral campaigns and other political activities for the betterment of the common peoples and the country's interest. The political party should have ideology and clear manifesto to general public by declaring the political principles and intentions to help the peoples and the country for peace, sovereignty and country's progress.

Who can join in a political party?

Any man and woman from young to old ages can join any political party of their own choice and decision according to ideology, principle and belief to serve the country and common peoples in a very effective manner.

How to get the views of different political parties?

One can obtain general views and activities of political parties through TV news channels, daily news papers, political articles and editorials published in journals and magazines.
All the political parties have their own website. The political parties manifesto along with updated program in many political issues can be collected through internet browsing of their websites.
Now a days in the old democracy system of the country common peoples have become politically aware of the principles and activities of political parties and enable them to select the best political parties who are involved to implement Government programs for the interests of the general public and advancement of the country.
Political parties have their own regular bulletin highlighting their plans and achievements in their services to people and country's development for their publicity to the general peoples to earn public confidence in their political party.

How the political party is formed and develop?

In the democratic country peoples with similar ideology, views and goals through active participation in political activities generally join together to form a political party. The main intention of the political party is to increase their party members by mobilizing and convincing general peoples with their ideology to influence the ruling Government during policy making.
The cadres of the newly formed political party should be honest and dedicated to public service with a common set of program declared in the party's manifesto to seek belief and confidence in their political party.
To increase supporters and well wishers in a political party dedicated party members and followers try to increase contacts with all groups of people like youth, woman, labor, farmers, teaching staff, small business persons etc with their stands on party's programs for their benefits in order to develop party positions in political activities.

What are the activities of political parties?

The political party is governed by certain ideology and belief to frame policies to participate in central or state politics for the country's developmental work and public welfare.
The following are the common functions of political parties:
•Keep close contact with the people and hear their problems and needs in their difficulties for all types of public utility services
•Solve the needs and concern of the general people as fast as possible by personal visit to the ward councilor of the concerned area through their party identity and influence to earn public faith on their political party.
•Implement the common policies and commitment to public after winning elections through peoples' verdict in the democratic election process.
• Political parties keep good liaison with other political parties in Government in formulating policies for the greater interest of the nation as well as general peoples.
•Nominate right candidate to participate in democratic elections to represent general public of the area.
•All the political parties in a democracy should be united during any national crisis like terrorism and natural calamities.

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