What is the role of Livestock sector in National Economy ?

In this article, I will explain what is the role of livestock in the Indian economy. The present contribution of livestock to the national economy is estimates to more than 18,000 crores mainly from milk and milk products and also from other sources. The animal husbandry plays vital role in national economy.

Livestock as national economy:

India is the fastest growing country and more than 70 percent peoples of India are earning from agricultural and animal husbandry. The contribution of agricultural and animal husbandry in national GDP is equal. Also, India is leading country in total milk production, so, The animal husbandry plays vital role in national economy. The present contribution of livestock to the national economy is estimates to 18,000 crores mainly from milk and milk products (70%), meat and meat products (11.5%), poultry (8.8%) and dung for fuel (7.8%). In addition the value of other animal products as eggs, wool, leather goods etc. make the total 18,000 cores. A part from above items, the value of draught power from 88 millions bullocks including 8 million buffalo bullocks indispensable to agriculture operations is of the order of Rs. 5000 cores. According to some other estimates, the market value of all the domesticated species in India is of the order of Rs. 45000 cores.

Although there has been a substantial increase of cattle and buffalo population by about35% and 61% respectively over the 1956 base and thereby increase in milk production both from cattle's and buffaloes over the year. The corresponding increase in human population was 79%. This has offset the gains made in milk production.

The total human population by the year 2011 be more than 100 cores, to feed this population at the minimum recombination level (230 gm/indiv/day).we would not more than 90 million tons of milk.

We are deficit both in fees and fodder to a large extent. As per NCA, India was short of 44% concentration, 38% green fodder, 44% dry fodder. The available feed and fodder situation, however, demands that we reduce due to urbanization and fast increases in human population. The total crop area likely to be reduces. The in order to increase the per capita consumption of milk, meat, eggs. We have to think in terms of increased production considering the ever increasing population in one hand and over all scarcity of quality of animal and their feed on the other hand.

There is no doubt that major improvement in animal productivity will take place through the traditional methods of giving attention to feeding, breeding, management and disease control, but it is no larger possible to obtain. The targets of achieving production by using only conventional technologies. Recently role of biotechnology in the field of animal nutrition, reproduction, breeding and management is tremendous to achieve the aim of the animal husbandry.

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