Problems in political system of India and possible remedies

This article describes problems in the system of politics of India. The problems are given as a list and provided with detailed information in easily understandable way. The remedy to this problem is given in this write-up. Coalition governments and political inheritance are also included as problems.

Indian political system

India is second largest populated country and the biggest democratic country in the world. Its democratic pillars are so deep that no one can pull it out. It has been proved so many times and mechanism is set to save democratic values of India. Even though we have the best system to save the democracy, certain gaps created grow unnecessary weed which can bring it to dilapidated state. The political system of India is in such a way that it has expanded its base through its loopholes. Forefathers of Indian constitution have not assessed this much that can curb political defects in India. It is not the mistake of their part but it is the problem which is rising out of situations and loopholes which are not so easily tackled.

Problems in political system of India

According to me, the defects of Indian political system are
  • No major party and no perfect choice
  • Coalition governments
  • Family politics
  • Inheritance in politics
  • Caste politics
  • Businessmen in politics and politicians in businesses

No strong political party is a defect in Indian political system

In India, in the beginning there was Congress as major party and had ruled consecutively. The benefit of major and strong political party is that it can do what is good to people and at the same time power can be misused. The strongest party has become degraded due to misuse of power clamping emergency. The misuse of power has shattered the Congress party into pieces. At the same time, negligence towards local feelings gave rise to the regional parties. Regional parties can never think about unity and integrity of nation. They only can think of regional benefit. The negligence of national party at local level has terminated its influence. Now, the Indian political system is run on regional parties and sub-regional parties which are leading to multiple party system at state level. At centre, we have no choices than Congress as most of the minorities fear selecting the substitution.

Coalition governments are problematic in Indian political system

The era of coalition governments are running in India. Congress, once the great Banyan tree now has to take the help of regional parties to come into power. What is the problem with coalition governments? The party should listen to the every party's demands who are walking with it. It cannot breach the line drawn by parties. Decision making will be slow. Few policies may not come into action due to opposition. Every day, the party has to check whether numbers of supporters are good in health. The recent 2G scam is happened due to these coalition governments. The party which has erred can escape with ease as their support may not be available if government is not helpful to them. The results of coalition governments are delay in decision making and favouritism.

Family politics is a political problem in India

Family politics became natural in India. If any person is successful in politics, his total family will be in the political process. It is not bad to an extent but politics is turned to be safe haven for them to be acquitted from any mistake is not appreciable. We can see mother, father, their sons and daughters are in the fray and now in Assemblies and Parliament too. Family politics is dangerous because they can influence more than other can. Their family can be small Assembly and small Parliament. Their opinions can be rubbed on people. It is evident that a single family ruled the most of the time in India till now after independence.

Inheritance in politics is not to be encouraged

Even it is not different from family politics, it differs, as it is given at the time of demise of a leader. Every political party is offering seat to the family members of leader. If this is the situation when we can see normal people rise to power. Youth are completely debarred from politics. The youth in our Parliament are from families which have political backgrounds.

Caste politics is dangerous in political system of India

Caste politics is the worst scenario in India. These are deeply rooted in villages of India. There are villages which support political parties on caste basis. If village has more people belong to one community, the entire community supports the party which belongs to same caste. Through this, other castes of these villages are harassed. They cannot get welfare programmes designed by government. The ineligible persons enjoy these programmes. This is the main reason for the high poverty in villages even though poverty eradication specific programmes are launched.

Businessmen in politics and politicians in businesses

This is new trend in Indian political system. Most of our MPs are millionaires. As MLA or MP, they have privileges and with that they are initiating businesses. Most of services were to be in government's hands. But, as there is no proper care, they are left to private sector. As they are left to private sector, our leaders are engaged in businesses. Here, the mistake going on is that they are getting friendly policies related to their businesses using the law.

Businessman in politics is not wrong. But, carrying the business attitude is considered to be the fatal blow to democracy. Businessman invests and thinks of profit. If he thinks politics is also like business, then it is problematic. Anyhow, this is the thing which is going on in our present democracy.

Remedies to the problems in political system of India

Our leaders are born with seats beneath them. Few leaders led mostly their lives holding power. Family politics, political inheritance and corruption are situated due to their long term power holding. If they are given few chances like US President who holds power for 2 times in his life time, then it can be suitable. The limit can be increased in Indian context. But, disadvantage is that we lose experienced people in democratic process. Hence, it is good to have reservations which can give chances to the backward communities too.

The political empowerment and chances should reach to every person of this country. Few landlords or businessmen should not hold it as their property. India is most democratic country in the world. Every country has its weaknesses and strengths. India will shine with democratic spirit in coming days.

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