English Grammar - Conversion of passive voice sentences in Simple Present Tense

This article explains how to change Simple Present Tense sentences from Active Voice into Passive Voice. The basic rules of passive voice are given. The importance of learning three forms of the verbs is laid stress upon. The importance of verb ‘be’ is explained. In the end 40 examples of Active Passive voice sentences with their Passive Voice form is given.



Passive voice of sentences in Simple Present Tense

• Since no Passive Voice sentence can be formed without the use of verb 'be' or some or the other form of this verb, the students must learn the several forms of this verb. The present tense forms of the verb 'be' are given hereunder:


• We make sentences in Simple Present Tense when the action shown by the verb in the sentence is of repeated type or a habitual action. The sentences can be written by using adverbs of frequency to represent the frequency or interval of the action in the sentence.

• Almost all the verbs have three forms. They are the present tense forum or simple form also called the first form of the verb. The second form of the verb is called the past tense form and the third form of the verb is called past participle form. In the Active Voice we use the simple or the first form of the verb. We change the Active Voice into the Passive Voice by using the third form (Past Participle) preceded by the present tense form is / am / are of the verb 'be.

• Another important aspect that is to be kept in mind is that only the sentences with transitive verbs can be turned into passive voice. The transitive verb is the one where the action passes from one subject to another object. The action in sentences with intransitive verbs finishes with the doer of the action and does not pass to any other object.

• When we turn the sentence from the active voice to the passive voice, we bring the object of the sentence in the beginning of the sentence and take the subject of the sentence to the end preceded by the preposition 'by'.

Examples of changing of sentences in Active Voice to Passive Voice :

I give below 40 examples of changing active voice sentences into passive voice for the students to understand the concept:


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