Ways to make children work

The children should be taught to do work by teaching them the art of work, smart nature of job,knowing their interests and being assigned with small tasks. The children should be made to do work from their tender age because they learn a lot by doing work.

Children and work

Children who are below the age of 14 are forbidden to be induced to hard work according to the Indian Constitution of law. But the children of today are more pampered and do not want even a small hassle in life. But this attitude cannot provide them any type of benefits in the future. They cannot withstand any type of hurdles that enter into their life. The children although not induced with hard work, but should be given work experience. The children should understand their role and responsibility from their childhood days. The parents should impose some work upon them since they are in schools that is smooth and easier to finish fast. The children learn to be independent when they work. But the kids are not interested to work and hence the parents should induce them to work in an interesting way. The parents especially the mothers always complain that their children are not interested in work even after reaching high school level.

Ways to induce kids to work

Know your kids interest

If you want your children to work first assign them the job that provokes their interest. Try to know if your children are interested in cooking. If cooking provokes interest in your child, then just call your child when you are cooking a recipe. Show them and also allow them to add the colorful ingredients to make the recipe tasty. When the recipe is prepared show them that how tasty the recipe is. The children would love to cook after tasting this delicious recipe.

Assign them an easy task

The children should not be given such a task that they do not get time to do their homework or studies. The work that is assigned to them should be finished as soon as possible. Give them a short assignment and also advise them to finish it accurately. For eg. Initially tell your children to do some simple tasks such as keeping your important papers on the table. Advise them that they should keep the papers very systematically in a proper way. The papers that are kept of the table should not be scattered but should be neatly folded and kept.

Teach your children the consequences of work

Always teach your children the results of doing work. Tell them that how work helps them in the future. Do not become forceful and get work done from when by nagging them. They immediately lose their interest towards work. Do not use negative notions or create a fear in their minds saying that ' if you do not work today, tomorrow you in-laws would kick you out from the home'. The mothers usually use this notion when they are frustrated. In this way the children immediately lose interest in their work and become agitated. Most of the Indian children especially girls are spoken in this way at some point or the other by their parents. Speak with them in an affirmative way saying that 'if you work, then you become independent and you do not face problems in the future'.

Assign them the work that teaches them to be smarter

The parents should give them the work that makes them smart. You can assign the work to them relating to outdoors. You can tell your children to get vegetables so that they learn how to bargain. Send your children to your neighbor's home to invite them for a function. They learn the art of communication. Send your children to post the letter nearby. When they develop interest with the work, they are willing to do any type of work.

Teach them the beauty of work

Teach them that how interesting each and every work can be. When you wash clothes show them that how clean they turn out to be. When you wash a vessel, show them that how sparking the vessel seems to be and when you clean the floors, show them how sparkling and glazing the tiles seem to be.

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It is the duty of every parent to teach basic domestic work to their children so that they become independent in their life. This will surely be of help in tackling their future needs.

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