The Life Term Actions Or Events Of Brahmins From Birth To Death

There are certain events or actions carried out by brahmins especially in Kerala. These actions or events normally known as Shodasa Karmas or Shodasa Kriyas (six life term actions or events to become a brahmin and to death as like). These are commonly, strictly followed in older days but now the value of this reduced and these actions are standing near to its death. This article is related to the major events or actions in the life of a brahmin.

The Brahmins are the top of the religion and caste. There are four different vedas and in each vedas contain each sub-level called as Gothra. There are certain classification to Gothras also. But the classification of these, no one knows correctly . This is mainly related to Kerala brahmins, they are called as namboodiri.

In Kerala there are no partitions like Shaiva and Vaishnava. This is because of Sree Sankaracharyar, he made all brahmins together. Normally there are three vedas peoples are seen in Kerala. Rikveda, Yajurveda and Samaveda. In all these Vedas the actions or Karmas is most similar but the chants or Manthras is slightly different.

The life of each brahmins start from before the birth or the actions will start before the birth. There are several actions want to follow strictly. These actions known as Shodasa kriyas or Shodasa karmas( six life term actions).
First it start from during the pregnant time.

1)Seemantham and Pumsavanam

This is carried out in the pregnancy period. Commonly it has seen in the month of 7th and eight th. This is carried out for the wealth of children. It carried out to increase the development of fetus or the child, especially organ development.

Pumsavanam is not essential but it carried out for getting a boy. These actions are the first Kriyas in brahmins. But the factor that these actions are not in practice now but some traditional families carrying out in nowadays also.

2)Jathaka karmam (Writing Horoscpoe), Naming ceremony

This is carried out immediate after the birth. But now it extended to ten th or 11th day. Normally the naming to the child her ancestors name only(grnd father, grandmother)will give.

3)Choroonu(rice feeding ceremony)

It is mostly seen in Hindu religions.

4)For girls Karnadharanam (Ear-piercing)

It carried out for girls only, usually using the natural plant thorn is used to pierce the ear.

For boys Upanayanam and Samavarthanam (wearing Poonool or thread in the body)
This one of the most important ceremony. In this there are long term actions start. It is known as second birth of brahmin. After this Karmam only they can do poojas or any other related matters.

After this only he can marry according to traditionally. This time there are certain rules to follow. They must to take bath morning and evenings, and follow certain chants or Manthras. This Chanting will continue till death. Also the diets have some restirctions in this time. After samavarthana he will become a brahmin. The duration among Upanayana and Samavarthana is depending of them. In older days it was minimum three years.But now it decreased to one day or four days.

For girls starting Menstruation is one of the important stage it will also carried out with certain procedures.

5) Veli or Marriage

The marriage also one of the Karmam in life. Apart from others there are certain traditional procedures.

6)Death (Samskaram)

This is the final stage and here also caryying out several Karmas(actions). Normally it carried out by 12 days. These are the mains events happening in the life of brahmins and all the Karmas carrying with several Manthras or chanting.


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