The rules, types and benefits of Pranayam

Pranayam is nothing but breathing exercises, used to perform excellent and healthy lungs. It makes a person healthy and longevity, by controlling the blood circulation and breath. Lungs help in providing oxygen to the whole body by extracting carbon dioxide outwardly with the help of Pranayam. This article explains more about Pranayam and some rules of it.

Pranayam is a Sanskrit word, which means 'Prana (life) + Ayaam (control)' i.e. control a life. It is a process of some breathing exercise, which helps to build a life.

Rules for pranayam:

Pranayam should perform in a clean and hygienic condition and place. The place must be open and free from noisy. Scented or perfumed incense sticks can use as an additional. The postures for pranayam are sukhasan, padmasan, siddhasan, and vajrasan, which should be perform on a mat or blanket. The breath must take through nasals. The stomach should be empty while doing pranayam; one must eat 4-5 hours before and 1 hour after pranayam. It is better to perform early morning after making daily routines.

At first, make practice for 5-10 min then go for half an hour to forty-five minutes. Practice gradually, do not act hurriedly, make a constant time. At early morning, clean the stomach, drink sufficient water in day and night. Pranayam should perform in calm, peace and happy moment. However, pranayam makes us peace, happiness and concentrate. There are many types of pranayam, which should perform as per the temperature and climate of nature. Some techniques enhance the body temperature, and some decreases.

After pranayam, if feel tired and exhausted, then take some long breath and rest. Pregnant women and patient should avoid pranayam; they can consult Yogi and Yoga teachers for better precautions. For longtime practice, execute Brahmacharya (celibacy) and eat satvit diet.

Types of Pranayam

There are many types of pranayam are there, however the most common and important pranayam are Nadishodhan, Ujjayi, Bhramari, Shitali, Agnisar, Kapalbhati, Bhastrika, Anulom belom etc. Sudarshan Kriya is one of most powerful pranayam taught by Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Benefits of Pranayam

The proper Pranayam or breathing exercises make lungs healthy and purify the blood. Most of the people take long breath, due to which one fourth of lungs workout and three fourth stay stable. There are near about seven crore thirty lac sponge chambers inside the lung. During normal breathing, only two crore chambers get operate with air; the rest five crore thirty lac chambers get stable due to improper transpiration. It results to stubborn and less extraction of grubby materials that causes tuberculosis, cough, bronchitis etc.

The difficulty in breathing troubles purification of blood alternately. Heart weakens and causes to death at any stage. Pranayam helps to control breath, by killing various diseases in our life. By knowing the method or technique of this breathing exercise, Pranayam a person can be prolonged existence. The five temperaments of life Kama (desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greedy), Moha (faint), and Maya (terror) can be controlled and wined over by the help of pranayam. Not only these, it enhances the intellect and longevity of a person.

Health benefits by different pranayam

  • Kapalbhati is useful for headache, Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation, asthma, constipation, cervical Spondylitis, diabetes and cold.
  • Bhramari is useful for Dysmenorrhea, mental disorder, headache etc.
  • Ujjayi pranayam is useful for lungs, heart, stomach and internal organs
  • Bhastrika pranayam balances the three doshas, vata, pita and kapha; beneficial for lungs, cold, cough, allergy, and kidney problems.
  • Nadishodhan is useful for respiratory and nervous system. Also beneficial for Dysmenorrhoea, cervical Spondylitis and diabetes patients
  • Agnisar pranayam is useful for stomach, obesity, piles and gastric problems
  • Shitali pranayam is helpful for high blood pressure and allergy. Helpful for anxiety and high tempered persons.

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Author: Sanjeev Gupta08 Oct 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Doing yoga is beneficial for health. Pranayam is one of the aasans. Pranayam is a breathing exercise which brings in more oxygen in the body and removes toxins from the body.

Below are the benefits of the same:
1. It improves blood circulation of the body.
2. It helps us to protect us from heart related diseases.
3.It keeps our mind and body relaxed and fresh.
4. Releases stress, helps to fight depression.
5. Makes us lungs stronger, relieves from stress and depression.

Its easy to do and one should do it as it can be done anywhere and we don't need a teacher to train us. Pregnant ladies should consult a doctor before starting it.

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