How To Boost Up Memory Power The Ayurveda Ways

Don't worry from your weakening memory loss. Some old Ayurvedic treatments help augment your memory power! By treating yourself with these, you can build your memory power angular. This article has the full details of how you can regain your memory loss the Ayurveda ways.

Do you feel you have begun forgetting very much of late? Memories of important appointments fail to remember? Keys got lost? Though the faces seem familiar names cannot be recalled? If you have crossed 40 years, it is normal for the memory to ditch you at the nick of time! But according to Ayurveda, you can get your weakening memory power back. Dr. Anusree, the chief physician at Hindusthan Ayurvedic, a leading Ayurveda hospital in Trivandrum says that we can boost our memory with certain tricks. Let's come to know how?

Be forever active and trimmed

Make trips of 30 minutes at least for 5 days in a week into the open air or 5 chakras (circles) of the Hath Yoga series. This is also Surya Namaskar. By repeatedly circling in it the neck in the opposite directions and by sitting and standing repeatedly, the circulation of blood enhances into the brain and the brain becomes active.

Learn the tricks of memory

If your memory is not as good as it used to be, practice some of the memory tricks that have been used by experts and politicians throughout the ages.
Visualization and association are both helpful when trying to remember names and details. For example, when meeting a new person, repeat their name several times and visualize an object or animal that will help you recall their name more easily.

When trying to remember important details, use a visualization technique that goes back to ancient Greece. Imagine your house and imagine walking through it. As you go from room to room in your mind, connect each room or an item in each room with a fact or idea that you need to recall later. Practice your mental walk a few times and, when you try later, you should be able to recall the facts or ideas that you had linked to these rooms or items.

Take Care of Your Heart

People who have heart disease also struggle with memory and cognition. The longer someone has had heart disease, the worse their cognitive abilities. Taking care of the heart takes care of the brain. Focus on:
• Controlling high blood pressure
• Controlling cholesterol levels
• Controlling blood sugar
• Limiting alcohol consumption
• Not smoking

Do take breaths

The process of taking breathes during the course of yoga culminates into oxygen reaching into the brain. Particularly in Anulom- Vilom, when the breath is inhaled from one nostril and exhaled through the other, thereby boosting up the memory power. Practice the actions or repeat them.
Stand straight, eyes open looking, straight ahead! Draw in a breath slowly, turn your head back squeezing the epiglottis i.e. tonsils and stop breathing now looking up in skies.

Keeping breath squeezed in the throat and shrinking the throat, looking down towards the grounds, bring your chin down to your chest. You will hear that voice similar to what you hear when you keep a conch near your ears. Repeat this process 7 times rounds.

Keep your mind taxed, stressed and exercised but positively

The brain is like muscle tissue. When you don't keep using it you keep losing it. It will then torment you in turning itself into memory losses. Always keep your minds under exercise by using it incessantly never letting it vegetate and rest or laze around. But do it the positive way. I guess you know what I do aim at? Memorising in the morning new prayers, poetry, slokas (hymns and verses) of Sanskrit act as bulwarks for boosting up memory.

Give the dosage to your mind the Ayurveda ways

According to the Ayurveda, the memory is greatly enhanced by eating sweet potatoes (Shakarkand), spinach (palak), oranges, carrot, milk-ghee and almonds.

Eating moong daal 5 times a week and rice- khichadi goes a long way in making the memory stronger as also this reduces the toxicity which in its turns reduces the body's resistance power which further results in inviting numerous diseases.

Herbal roots and medicines

Classification of herbal roots for boosting memory and plants have been done in Ayurvedic. Chief amongst which are:
  • Brahmi,
  • Jatamasi,
  • Bhringraj.

These could be had from Khadi Gramodyog or pansori shops.

Prepare tea

Prepare tea with any one of the above mentioned herbs. For this, drop on a teaspoonful of any of the above herbs in a cup of boiled water for ten minutes and drink it after filtering it twice a day in an empty stomach.

Eat almonds

Almonds have immense nutritional elements as also the enormous capabilities to break the winds (Vat) in the body. Ayurveda says the elements present in almond have the capacity of boosting up the nervous system of the body and brain. Its regular consumptions make the arteries of brain stronger, which augment the memory power of recall. Use of almond and magaj has strongly been prescribed by the Ayurveda. Almond and magaz ground in equal quantities in one cup of funky hot milk when drank daily boosts up memory power.
Eat for Good Memory. The brain is vulnerable to wear and tear over time. Eating foods rich in antioxidants, B vitamins or omega-3 fatty acids can help preserve brain health, memory and thinking into old age. Brain-friendly foods include berries, walnuts, fish, dark leafy greens, turmeric, spinach and orange juice.

Drop Brahmi in your noses

According to Ayurveda, a nose is a door to the brain and this is the door also to memory power. That is why the scent of a flower remains longer in your memory bank. The mouth begins watering over the flash in the memory of some delicious dish of a feast. Olfactory glands are responsible for all of these developments obtaining in our brain which is the nerve centre located in the middle of the brain producing the feel of good smell and bad smell. To keep its secretion going on, 5 drops of Brahmi stirred with hot ghee and pour 5-5 drops of this mix into both the nostrils. Do this work at bedtime lying flat on your bed. Take light breathes after this. This will help drops enter into the sinus.

Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking improves the heart's health, which is related to the brain's health, but it also might have a direct impact on memory. Middle-age smokers have been shown to have worse memories than their nonsmoking peers, regardless of other lifestyle factors

Drink milk with Brahmi

Take two spoonful of Brahmi and two nips of saffron crocus and boil these in a cup of milk till three fermentations. Drink it warm after filtering it. Mix one teaspoonful of Brahmi with one cup of milk.

Seek Out Sunlight

Increasing the amount of light that people with dementia are exposed to each day improves their memory and cognitive abilities. This is especially true among those who tend to become depressed during the winter months when there is less light. Seeking out light first thing in the morning helps set the body's circadian rhythms and, apparently, improves memory

Sleep Well- Get Up Early

Studies show that night owls do worse on memory tests than early risers. However, getting quality sleep as you age might be more important than getting up early in the morning. Aim for six to eight hours of sleep a night, even if that means going to bed and getting up later than your early-bird peers. Try to keep the same sleep schedule on weekdays and weekends to improve the quality of your sleep.

Brahmi is a great helper in boosting up memory power. This is immensely helpful in memory, brain and mind diseases. The mind focuses by its use. For memory power, take dry Brahmi- 1 part, almond- 1 part, and black pepper-1/4 part and mix these well and make a paste of it. Make tablets each weighing 3 grams. Take one tablet twice daily with milk (Morning-evening). Besides this, in the fresh juice of Brahmi, mix its equal quantity of ghee. Take 5 gms of this daily to strengthen your memory power.

Although most people accept that some memory loss occurs with ageing, it is also possible to take proactive steps to protect memory. As a general rule, what is healthy for the body is also good for the brain - and for your memory.

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