What is ice treatment and how to get benefits from it?

Ice has several health related benefits apart from its normal use. This article examines the relief that ice renders in cases of numerous complications. Let’s know how we can keep ourselves fit by using ice in different ways.

Using ice tretment in different complications

During the summer, you have used ice to prepare sherbet or thandai only but this ice cubes encompass unto it lots of health related benefits also. Let's come and know what they are:
  1. When there is pain in legs and hand, take the cubes of ice and rub on the areas. You won't need gobbling pain killers. You shall immediately feel relieved.
  2. When the fever goes high up, Apply swathe of ice on the forehead? and massage whole body with it. The fever will immediately drop down. This lowering down of fever acts as a deterrent against the onset of brain related ailments.
  3. In cholera or other similar diseases when the feeling of thirst is excessive, suckling the ice cubes work wonders.
  4. Keep the ice cubes bin your mouth before taking the hard bitter pills. You won't feel the taste of the bitterness of the pills.
  5. Apply everyday a bit of ice cubes on your face and save your face from wrinkles for long.
  6. Apply ice over face before make up. The make up will last long.
  7. The effects of sun stroke and loo diminish by applying ice on the soles and the palms.
  8. When thorns prick into any body part, apply there the ice cubes for a moment. The area will feel numb. You can easily squeeze out the thorn without feeling any pain.
  9. Apply it on ulceration and pimples to feel relieved from scratching and inflammation.
  10. After excess eating, when you feel restless and lazy, suck in ice cubes to feel easy, relaxed and relieved.
  11. When chewing gums sticks on some place, rub the place with ice cubes to free off the chewing gum from the place.
  12. Blood does not clots if ice cube is stuck for a while on injured parts of the body.
  13. Boil does not surface up when applied the ice cubes.
  14. It is very useful for the gouts patients as well. By placing the ice 8-0 times on the gouts affected parts, the patient feels greatly relieved.
  15. Ice immediately checks the state of repeated vomiting.
  16. Stops the bleeding of nose.
  17. Bleeding on any parts is immediately checked by applying the ice .

Conclusion: Note the above facts for future and make use of the ice cubes when the emergency arises before rushing to the Doctor or the hospital.

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