How To Protect Ourselves From The Fatigue Of Social Media?

Do you find it difficult to focus your attention on some work? Do you try to find out some pretext or the other for an internet break at every 15 minutes of intervals while doing a work? If you perceive in you these symptoms, it’s high time had you stopped this. As to how better to stop these symptoms forms the subject matter of this piece of writing.

Have you become full of weariness sitting long hours on computer updating your status on your Face book or posting breaking links on Twitter or writing the knowledge of newly watched Bolly -wood movies? You are finding it difficult to concentrate longer on something? Or find excuses for an internet break at every 15 minutes of intervals while doing something? Feeling acute difficulty syndrome extricating youself from the spells of netsurfing incessantly on facebook, myspace, Googlebuzz, Linkedin, friendfeed? You need to stop yourself if you find yourself under the grips of all the above mentioned symptoms. Some tips have been suggested hereunder to extricate you from this precarious condition. Follow them to make amends before the symptoms worsen more compelling you take recourses to the de-addiction camps. Avoiding these symptoms would be at your own perils.

Protecting from the fatigue of social media

Accept the problem: 5000 new Blogs get created every 10 minutes. According to an estimate, more than 100000 of social networking sights are into the fray playing on the internet world. First of all, you will have to admit that you cannot have eyes on all these. Don't bother for losing out on some things. You will have to wash off your hands with some of the updates and contents no matter even if you are hell bent upon keeping yourself wide awake for the whole 24 hours duration or even for all the seven days of a week. Remember you cannot gobble up the entire sleep.

Select the social networking sites: You will have to not only set your preferences but will have to filter out your best liking out of the crowd of the social sites. First of all make the selection of those few fistfuls of social networking sites upon which you like your presence the most. After this, throw such friends out of your friend list who increase the weights of your Timeline and Twits. You don't at all need to read such types of twit updates which informs you what types of breakfast was eaten in the morning and not merely twits only but all such other meaningless things.

Using the right tools in establishing on social media sites: The way technology creates problems, it solves them equally too. Here several tools are available giving you the freedom of doing a lot of things together at a time. This is rather more useful in a situation where you are trying to catapult yourself or your organization as a brand by using the social media sites.

Using Twit-deck for desktop and smart phones to connect with social media:
Tools like twit-deck could be used which keep you connected at one place with all the updates done by your friends on twitter, face book, myspace, linkedin, foursquare, Google buzz and other sites. You can determine this also by making groups and lists which facts or groups you have to attach priority to and which to be given more attentions to. This gives you the freedom to pay attentions to what you are interested in the most.

Using the HootSuit tool on social media sites : If you have several twitter accounts, for example one you use for your business purposes, another for your personal use, yet others for some things else, Hootsuit would be of great helps for you. This gives the facility of managing several accounts at once which assists in keeping you ahead from others.

Tools galore for publishing the blogposts again on social media sites: If you are an active blogger and wish to publish your blogposts agin on twitter or facebook, then there are such tools, for examples, blogger, word press etc on the blogging platform to assist you which tell your followers what you are talking about in your new posts. You can make the use of friendfeed as well (

The necessity to time -out: If your family jokes this with you that they are going to be connected with twitter in order to contact with you, take is as a symptom that you are spending much times on computer than is warranted. Now you have to learn the lessons of keeping yourself away from the activities of social media. Switch off your computer, laptop, phones and all other equipments during the evening times for a certain period.

Protecting from the email overloads

Lack of spam policy: The spam doesn't like any mail but this is a compulsory monster of our times. Keep your primary email address secured- one for your works and another for individual use. Create a third email to be used for free services such as e-greetings, online membership etc which you do not check very often.

Use filter: Most of the mail services provide you services like filter or rules capability. You can collect messages in folder according to your choice and subject wise.

Reduce the numbers of forwards: If you receive messages from your friends whole day long and feel as such that due to this reason you are not able to manage your email-id then request your friends not to send their mail forward containing jokes, prayers, day's thoughts or chain mails etc or you simply put them into the spam list which could be checked up after a week or two. That is how you make the main inbox at the end of the day look spic and span compared to earlier.

Do not disturb: Do you get excited on this information on your G-mail or outlook that there are unread messages in the box to be checked? Please remain calm here. Close your email notifications for some hours of the day. Believe this that only some mails come into the category of urgent. In case someone wants to know your immediate reaction, he knows well the other means or the phone as well to reach to you.

Conclusion: Our inbox like our house too demands cleaning up and maintenance otherwise it might well nigh be possible the number of unread messages trebles in three figures. To avoid this onslaught, it is essential to launch an attack weekly or bi-weekly on your e-mails. Do delete the received messages, do forward them, , do reply them or do add them into the to- do list. See to it none of the emails are left in front of your eyes. Outlook has all such services made available to you as also the G-mail too is fitted with all such tools

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