Sports medicine and banned drugs in national sports

This article is written with the intention to high light aims and objectives of sports sector in India with special emphasis on the responsibilities of different sports organizing body to encourage sports person to enhance performance in sports activities following anti-drug rules and regulations.

Brief history of sports in India

India has heritage and culture of different sports like Cricket, Football, Hokey, Tennis, Rifle shooting, Archery, Wrestling, Kabadi etc along with many athletics.
In India sports have become an integral part national development and prestige. In view of the present day national as well as international scenario Government of India has established Sports Authority of India abbreviated as SAI in 1984 under Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports to promote excellence in sports.

Aims & Objectives of SAI

The Sports Authority of India have programs and policies to promote sports in achieving excellence at national and international level with the following aims and objectives:

•Nurturing of talent in youth.
•Provide requisite infrastructure with state-of-the-art sports equipment, sports medicine facilities, coaching and training and competition exposure in national and international fields.
•SAI acts in liaison with Ministry of Youth and Sports along with other agencies like State Government administration, Indian Olympic Association, National Sports Federation and Sports Control Board for all out promotion and development of sports activities through out the country.
•To establish and manage Sports institutions producing efficient Coaches, Sports scientists and specialists in Sports medicine to encourage young sports persons to enhance performance in competitive sports.
•Development of academic programs to educates coaches and other specialists in the field of sports in India,

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is an specialized area of treatment by a group of professionals comprising Medical Practitioner, Therapists, Massage therapist and Sports Trainers to extend services for treatment of sports injury. The specialized sports medicine team also take care of sports training, physical fitness/exercises, proper nutrition of the athletes and players of all types of sports activities.

What are the benefits of sports medicine?

Sports medicines deal with physical fitness and injury treatment of the participants in sports and games with the help of specialists in the fields of sports medicine.

The following are the key benefits of sports medicine in practice:

•Treatment of illness, injuries and physical disorders
•Preventing of illness and injuries by careful analysis of causes of injuries and physical disorders, if any.
•Team physicians professionally trained in various areas of sports activities such as Athletic, exercise, Physical therapy, Biomechanics, Sports psychology, Nursing, Nutrition etc extend supports to the participants in sports and games.

Indian Association of Sports Medicine

Indian Association of Sports Medicine shortly popular as IASM is a professional body in India which was established in the year 1971 at National Institute of Sports located at Patiala in Punjab.

The objectives of IASM is to guide and assist in the promotion of physical fitness on all the diverse areas of sports science.

What are the prescribed sports medicine in India?

There is no standard guide lines prescribed sports medicine in India. Only authorized Sports Medical adviser can prescribe the permitted medicines to the injured or ailing sports persons according to condition of health.

What is doping in sports?

Use of banned drugs by the athletes and players in football, cricket and rugby games to improve individual's performance is referred as doping. The use of drugs for unnatural boosting of energy, endurance and physical ability can give unfair advantages to the competitors to win in the sports activities.

Why do Athletes Take Drugs?

Banned drugs are being used by athletes and players of different competitive games for the following reasons:

•To enhance their performance in the competitions.
•Pressure created by their coach, family members to win the game.
•To get financial rewards from Government or local body.
•To fulfill over expectation for life time achievement.

What are the banned drugs in Sports medicine?

Some of the drugs and supplements are prohibited from using in sports and games to enhance performance of the participants. World Anti-Doping Agency shortly known as WADA is the statutory body to maintain the list of prohibited drugs preventing uses as sports medicine and treatment.

Banned drugs and supplements in sports

The updated list of the following categories of sports medicines are banned by WADA to use during competition in sports and athletic:

•Stimulants such as Cocaine, Amphetamines and Ephedra.

What are the side effects of banned drugs in sports?

The following are the side effects of using banned drugs in sports:

•Liver and kidney damage.
•Heart disease.
•Loss of patience.
•Develop tumor
•Prostrate cancer for male.
•Breast cancer for female.
•Menstruation irregularities for female.
•Roughness in skin and hair loss.

How to prevent doping?

There must be wide spread anti-drug awareness campaign by setting up sports medicine centers all over the Indian States to prevent use of banned drugs due to ignorance of life risk in future.

In our country most of the athletes and sportsman are not aware of the side effects of the prohibited drugs in sports and are provoked to use such stimulating banned drugs in sports and games.

Moreover, there is lack of initiatives by the Government and local sports bodies to engage specialists in sports medicine in organizing sports and games activities in our country for fair competition in all types of sports activities.

The team coaches are in some cases may be held responsible for indulging athletes or players to use banned drugs. Coaches must not encourage the athletes and competitors to use banned drugs to enhance their performance in the competition.

Compliance statutory rules and test methods to detect doping

The National Anti-doping Agency in India is a national body to monitor and control of use of prescribed sports medicine in India to maintain dope free sports in national and international sports and games competitions to create morale to the individual competitors.

The following are the important functions of NADA:

•Implementing anti-doping rules and policies conforming World Anti-doping code of WADA.
•To maintain close coordination with all Sports and Anti-doping organizations.
•To promote anti-doping study, research and awareness.
•To implement testing methods to detect dope medicine in sports persons.

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