Sports medicines and sports persons in India

In this article, the author writes about the state of India’s sports persons and their performance in sports. The author emphasizes the importance of energy and stamina which are the primary need of any sports person. For such energy and stamina the sports persons seek the help of banned drugs to give temporary energy and stamina for participation in sports to enhance their performance and to get positive, fruitful results. This article is written in general with special emphasis to Indian sports persons


"Should our sports persons live long in sports as human being with genuine sports medicines or short live in sports as inhuman with banned drugs as their sports medicine".

In recent times, many cases of intake of banned drugs by Indian sports persons to enhance their performance in sports activities, have come to the light, which is considered as a shame on the part of sports personnel of India. Should we consider the banned drugs as a good sports medicine. Many sports person from India were accused for taking banned drugs and awarded with punishments. Yet the habit continues to grow with Indian sports persons and many players, coaches and officials get involved in doping scandals in India and abroad.

Sports medicine in India

Sports medicines are the medicines used to meet the requirement of sports people and it is related to their maintenance of health. The sports medicines are mainly for the fitness of players and for treatment of the players who sustain injuries, fall sick due to stress, exhaust of energy, accidental fall, muscle catch etc. There are various medicines available to the complete body from head to feet as every part of the human body plays its role in sports.

The sports persons play with a competitive spirit to achieve their goal, to satisfy themselves and to get name and fame with financial benefit. Therefore they work and fight hard for victory. During the process they are prone to physical injuries that requires immediate treatment at the field itself or in other places depending upon the nature of injury for which sports medicines are an essential requirement.

Sports in India

In India, we play very specific sports. Our Indians do not take sports very seriously like other countries, and they do not work much for it. Hence India being the second largest in the world countries lacks sportsman spirit. Also Indians do not encourage sports . If we look at the score board of Olympics, we can understand the fate of sports in India and Indians. There are hardly countable sports people who participate in the world sports who bring name and fame to India. As a last resort, to win the race, they adapt illegal methods to get glory.

Sports person in India

When we compare India with any other country, our sports persons lacks planning and coordination. More than the sportsman all the hire-ups and officials wants to make quick money in quick time on the name of sports. This is evident from the recent commonwealth sports scandal in India. Our sports person are not given due importance. They lack sportsman spirit . Even the deserving and aspiring sports person are not given chances and opportunities for participation in sports in India. Sports have become a part of politics in India. Despite all the odds we still have some sportsmen/women to keep up the name of India in the world sports. With their active participation, India survives on the merit list and keeps up the name of India to certain extent .

What is required for a sports person

Any sports team requires players who can play good sports with a sound mind and healthy body with good energy and stamina ,and should have a winning or killer spirit. To achieve this, he should have clear knowledge about the rules and regulation of sports he play. He should know his own strength and weakness and try to overcome with regular practices and should analyze his own strength. There are two types of sports personnel. One who participate in sports for self satisfaction without caring the win or lose, and the other is the personnel participating with competitive spirit only to win , but not to lose

A sports person is required to have good stamina, energy and good game tactics to win the game. In a group sports like football, hockey, volleyball, basket ball ,in addition to stamina and energy, one has to be vigil and observe the move of own team members, at the same time observe the move of opponents. In games like boxing, wrestling, tennis, badminton, squash etc, in addition to stamina and energy, the strength and weakness of the opponent to be studied well prior to participation. In athletics, the participant has to have very good energy and stamina with little moving tactics .

Therefore, what is essentially more important is the Energy and Stamina. These two are the primary need of a good sports man or sports woman or sports children. For athletes, these are the main items to concentrate and improve to achieve their goal.

Sources to develop and improve Energy and build up stamina

To get good energy and build up stamina, a sports person should take good energetic diet and adapt good exercises to build up long lasting stamina. A sports person should have a complete check of his food for its nutrient value. There are good nutrient medicines available in the market in the form of tablets, capsules and tonics which will not have any ill effect, but helps to improve the body strength and free from stresses and pain, for those who suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency. Sports person grow and make their stamina and strength by way of taking food with high nutrient value. Regular energetic food and exercise is the source for getting stamina and strength to have a tireless stay in the play field and thus enhance their performance in the sports they play.

Sports medicine as temporary source of energy and stamina

Due to poor nourishment and irregular practices, our sportsmen are not fit enough to take part in active sports in the absence of energy and stamina to play the game. As most sports personalities take sports as a profession with a casual attitude, they can not attain the required stamina and strength, and they try and adapt means of getting these through short cuts. Viz. temporary quick solution to yield positive results.

What are the sports medicines as temporary artificial energy.

As we know, the alcohol and drugs are the stimulating agents to make an individual to sustain and tolerate his pain or injury, and it gives a satisfactory feeling. Also it stimulates a person to act differently than the normal. So the intake of drugs makes a man perfect to be very active in the sports field, though temporary, it makes a lot of difference when the target aimed is hit hard without a miss. The sports medicines in the form of illegal drugs provide temporary energy and strength and helps the sports person to achieve success.

Intake of Illegal sports medicines by sports personnel

As the ultimate aim of any sports person is to win and earn, name fame and money, they resort to adapt the method of short cuts and fall prey to illegal sports medicines. At times this is recommended by their coaches, to show their players in a very high position, with a greed to make money for themselves, to make better livelihood. Such a sports medicine which makes a sports person to forget any pain or tiredness, are the medicines preferred by sports person for participating in any sports of competitive nature. These are mainly the drugs available in the form of injections, capsules which affects the body's nerve system. Once the intake helps a sports person, he or she can never get away with it. It will be preferred all the time, whenever such person wishes to enter the play field. The player becomes an addict to the banned drugs and will need it to gain in sports. These drugs have various side effects and reduces the longevity of sports person drastically.

Who is to be accused for this illegal sports medicine

The sports person is to be accused for this intake of illegal sports medicines for their own benefit. At time, the coach or the person sponsoring the player can also be accused for these sort of corrupt practices. The officials who fails to check the sports person involving in such illegal practices are also to be blamed. Beyond everything, the concerned sports man or woman is to be blamed who is wholly responsible for these sort of acts .

If the intake of banned drugs comes to light, the case is to be probed thoroughly, and the culprit to be punished heavily, He or she should not be permitted to take part in games in future. There are many agencies in the world to keep a check and control over the use of authorized sports medicines and avoid using banned drugs.

How to avoid and overcome intake of illegal or banned drugs as sports medicine

1.The sale of such drugs to be banned in the market except for the authorized use.
2.All sports personnel, coaches should be thoroughly baggage checked for possession of such drugs. This can be done in the airports and hotels.
3.Prior to any sports activities, a thorough medical check of players is to be carried out.
4. Sports officials , doctors, coaches and the participant should give a certificate to that effect that they have not taken any banned drug or sports medicine , just prior to conduct of that sport event.
5. Any suspicion should be brought to the notice immediately after the event and tested, and punishment awarded then and there, without waiting for any further proceedings or hearings on the subject.
6. No claim or complaint should be entertained or accepted by the officials after declaration of the results.

Future of Indian sports person

India is a vast country with very less sports person to play games at international level. Every Indian is proud of our Indian sportsman or woman taking part in International competitions. It is the duty of every Indian sports person to maintain the dignity of India without falling prey to banned drugs and medicines. India wants to rise up as a big world power, with their head erect among the international community. Our sports persons can contribute their best towards achieving this. They should say good bye to banned drugs, and be sincere whether they win or lose, and conduct like a lovely human to be liked by whole of India and the world. This is not only applicable to players participating in world games. It is to be practiced and implemented in our day today sports at schools, colleges and within our state or country.


India should encourage our sports personnel and nourish them to be world class sports person without involving in corrupt practices of taking banned drugs to enhance their performance . To achieve this, India should have a very gentle corruption free dedicated Minister as Sports Minister of India, and he should be an ex- Olympic or Asia or a commonwealth player, to know the feeling and pulse of a real sports man and help India to progress in sports.

Let our spoiled sports person tell " good bye" to banned drugs and say "Jai Hind".

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