Ways to complete tasks on time

Your tasks should be completed on time by realizing the importance of task,performing speedily, planning beforehand, taking a deep breath and taking a break in between. Anybody who depends upon your task expect you to complete the task on time.

Completing the tasks on time

Every client or customer or anybody who depends upon your job expects that you must complete the task on time. They expect that every task should be completed on time and would not like to hear excuses from you most of the time. They should timeliness of the task because they make use of the task performed by you. For eg. If you are working as a chef in a reputed hotel, then the customer would like to taste the ordered recipe as soon as possible because he has come all over the way to visit this famous dinning place. He wants to gain satisfaction in his free time by tasting this tasty recipe. If you are working as a teacher the student would obviously want to learn maximum from you to pass an examination. But completing the task may not always be easy. But the perform should realize the seriousness of the task.

Ways to complete task on time

Realize the importance of the task

If you want to complete the task on time, you must first realize the importance of the task. By knowing the importance you are automatically urged to complete the task. Apart from knowing the importance of the task, you must also realize the positive consequences of the task so that you develop the energy to perform the task.


Speed is the key factor to complete the task on time. Whenever you are responsible for any task you must perform the task in a speedy manner. The word 'laziness' or 'sluggishness' is not found in the dictionary of performance. When you are responsible for the task you must forget your laziness factor and also forget the factor of relaxation. You will relax only when your task is complete. Only remember the two golden words to continue the work with speed 'Energy' and 'Rapidity' and hence you are easily motivated to perform better. Do not become so speedy that you become hasty and perform the task in a wrong way.

Plan your work beforehand

Planning is not a waste of time if you are planning for a short period. When you plan you get a clear idea about the process of the job and on the contrary you would complete the task with more speed and on time. If you notice some doubts regarding the task, then rectify immediately.

Before you start your work

Before you start your work you can take a deep breath. You must take a deep breath because you can relieve the tension before starting the task. Any task should be started with a relaxed mind so that you can coolly think about the task. Always start the task in a cool manner and thoughtfully so that you are urged to complete the remaining task with interest.

Do the task with speed but take a break in between

The task should be done in a speedy manner but take rest for sometime so that you acquire mental space. Take some breaks in between so that you experience mental freshness and are ready to go ahead with interest.

Rectify the doubts as soon as possible

Rectify the doubts of the task as soon as possible when you develop doubts by asking the concerned person. Due to the doubts, the tasks are not completed on time. Unless you clear the doubts do not take the further step.


You must perform the task attentively and hence your task is completed on time. You must observe the nature of the work very carefully especially if you are doing paper work. The work should be completed with complete attention and you should not divert your attention elsewhere. You must not develop any other thoughts when you are performing the task.


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