Why Is The Aptitude Test Necessary And Important To Conduct?

There is no doubt in it that whereas newer opportunities for employment are emerging fast, selecting a career has become equally difficult. In such a condition, the only hope that looks to the youths is the aptitude test. But taking it in a right way is essential to know also. How does the aptitude test help in deciding the correct career chart is the topic being discussed through this item!

Pre board, board examination, entrance examination, yet again the examinations taken in classes! Who shall want to give more examination in such a scenario? Perhaps nobody! But life is a difficult examination. Aptitude test has to be crossed in the 9nth standard first of all. After this by the time of finishing the studies the pressure of selection of career mounts. This examination being conducted one after the other is taking its tolls in form of tensions among the children and the guardians both. It becomes difficult at such times to decide what to do, which field to choose as career option? These situations produce more of dilemmas.

Taking into account such scenario, a system has been framed, so that the youths could select a career of their interest and choice by recognising their talents and abilities to pursue their studies in their selected fields. These examinations are known as career or aptitude test. Do these examinations really help in charting the right course of the career graphs of youths? Whether these examinations put the youths in more dilemmas? To know this, it is imperative first to know how these examinations propose to help out youths in selecting a career for them and better to take it.

What the budding youths expect from the aptitude tests?

Majority of the growing youths expects two kinds of helps from the counsellors. First, the area which you are selecting proves to be fully right and suitable to you. Second, there should be this conviction that no other alternatives of the career have been left unexplored while deciding the particular area. . This is very important to have the entire gamut of knowledge especially in such a fast changing world where almost everyday, newer industries and professions which hithertofore were totally unheard-of and undreamt-of are emerging up with rapid motion. As for example is the area of web designing, wherein 10 years back, it was unthinkable to assume that there would a mine of possibilities into it. Similarly one other area of career was the nanotechnology which was never a topic of discussion for career purposes among the youths but has become a hot cake now. You would come to know all these things from a career counsellor only. Through the aptitude test, you would be able to select a right career path of your choice, interests and abilities which would be most suited to you.

How does the aptitude test work

Every kind of career tests is based upon nearly the same rules. They evaluate your interests and abilities first and attach this with the different fields to see which field would be suited the most to you. Each fields have been divided on such a basis after taking into accounts the interests of the successful peoples of the different fields, what their interests are and also how, why and how much satisfied these people are in their respective fields. This is the reason why the career tests render helps in selecting your career of your interests where people have equal interests and where they succeed also. In fact this comes true as well but this also is the truth that:
  • A particular type of career could suit to a person having interests in diverse areas. As for example, a person doing CA could have interests in Arts while an Art lover can keep excellent books of accounts.
  • Any person's interests hobbies and characteristic traits can prove to be beneficial in the different fields of his career.
  • It is but natural for you not to know how far correct and useful the information available regarding a profession are?
  • This also is a problem for you not to know which type of aptitude test would be right for you. For example, the tests on GK would be useful for your success. This straightaway means your knowledge of GK could be right for your academic performance, but not for the selection of your career in any field.

This also has to be remembered that the experience you obtain from the areas of your guardians would also come handy for you. For example, the sons of a lawyer or a Doctor are bound to reap from the experiences from them. For once, when you have known that these aptitude tests are based on percentages and sums of marks, you canot assume this result as mool mantra in your case. These tests lend you a comprehensive view to magnify your limits of thinking and arriving at decisions. These tests will furnish you helps in selecting those areas which have much potential of opportunities. This will assist you planning a better career selection.

A successful career is not the Aptitude tests only

The mool- mantra of doing studies and planning to weave a successful chart of a career path is first recognising yourself, knowing as to what is your latest knowledge about the field of your career? For this, a good career counsellor could be consulted. Abetter and a proper evaluation could be carried out only by a counsellor. Through this, you shall stand to benefit in gaining the useful information and the latest goings on in the field of the future your career. Only a good counsellor can have the full knowledge of what progress is happening in which areas of our country. What is the rate of growth of our country in respects of other countries of world? Therefore please note, that the right plans for the career cannot be charted out on the basis of the aptitude tests only. This only gives you a glimpse- an inkling of your overt traits which will assist you in taking the final call to take the career decision.

Compared to other countries, are much more
It is a fact that the numbers of competent youths in our country far outnumber the youths in other countries like the US or the UK etc, but this also is a fact that compared to India, 10 times more salary is paid in UK and US for the same works being carried out by the youths here in India. Calculating upon this basis, the American companies are making use of the talents of Indian youths by outsourcing their jobs to them. The boom in call centre is the result of this phenomenon. Remember, despite aptitude tests, the final decision lies in your hands. Your will power should be strong and your goal crystal clear off. All the tests are meaningless compared to this.

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