How The Mystery Of Your Personality Is Hidden In Your Forehead?

Forehead is the mirror of a person. The size and shape of a person tells the story of his life. The beading lines over his face unravel the mysteries of his personality. Upon the basis of different types of forehead could be known the characteristic of all the virtues and vices of a person. Let’s discuss this subject through this article.

Your forehead is the index of your personality. Its different sizes and shapes such as its broadness, length, sloping and pitched, narrowness, obliquity etc everything reveal something related to the type of personality that you are. Let's assess the foreheads in accordance with its shapes and size.

Mystery of a person with a broad forehead

If the forehead is broadened and spaciously diffused i.e. extending from one side of the temple to the other then this is indicative of the strong self confidence of the possessor of this type of a forehead. Such persons are good administrator and commander. Each of their words and actions occupy meanings. They emerge out unscathed from any eventuality with great ease and aplomb. They carry their responsibilities with extreme perfection. Not only this, they also try their best to dispel the difficulties of others with their efforts. They remain contented with whatever they succeed in earning in their life. There is not even an iota of the tendency of greed in their mind. They believe in living together peacefully. This type of person keeps distances from hostilities, enmity, court and cases or a controversy. They hold good command over technical fields and generally these people are better engineer. The body of these types remains healthy for long. They are faithful to their partners. They do yeoman's service to their parents. These types have negligible number of enemies. Generally 3-4 parallel lines on their forehead are found.

A person with a longish forehead

If the forehead is diffused in between the area from where the eyebrows begin and ending up above up to the edges where the hairline on the scalp is, in a manner of a long drawn shape in size, then it points towards the fact that the man is highly ambitious. People with these types of foreheads make it to the top of their fields they work on. They become great scholars in the field of spirituality apart from being a deft politician. They remain boiling with anger over the ills sweeping the society. They do not discriminate between the high or low peoples. But these types flare p quickly if things are not in accordance with their wishes. But these people are forgiving also of the highest order. They carve out a separate niche for them in the society. They have interests in praying and worshipping. They do have the desire of an isolated life. These people have the strongest possibilities of suffering from breathing problem. They have special importance for tourism. There are 4-5 parallel lines found on their foreheads.

Sloping and pitched forehead

The person is a rowdy and vicious if the surface of his forehead is pitched downwards from up the above and one should be wary and cautious from persons having the designs of such types of foreheads. These types are like a pot without bottom. They would talk to you with their tongues into their cheeks heavily loaded with sugar when they would have some personal axe to grind with you but the moment their interests would be served, they will not even turn to look back again to you. They have the intense yearning to see themselves revered and respected but the moment they would someone being venerated or honoured they at once would become jealous and jittery. Though they succeed from a lower position in climbing up the higher ladder of their career by dint of their sheer trait of flattery and earn a lot of money but they are miser and their dependants can use their wealth only- not others or society are benefited in anyway from them. They believe in superstitions, witchcraft, talisman and enchantments. Although the have the least of devotion in Goddesses and Gods, they worship only for the sake of showing off merely. They are poetic and musician, and reap the harvest of the name of a great poet and musician. Their growths in life are stunted due to lethargies. There are 4-5 lines etched on their foreheads.

A forehead of a well balanced design

This type of forehead is called an ideal forehead. Such type of forehead is protuberant in the middle and very balanced from all sides thereby augmenting the shinning of skin. The people with these types of foreheads demonstrate their prowess of greatness in the society. These types are justices, professors, politicians or men of letters of a specific field. Their thoughts and ideologies are well balanced and decide whatever is in the best of the interests of all and sundries. They are bestowed with money and wealth immensely. Being sensitive and kind, they do not turn their backs from helping the needy. They are ardent devotees of God. They donate liberally in religious activities and welfare charities with open heart. They remain loyal to their life partner. Success kisses them to the last moments of their lives. These people have 4 parallel lines etched on their foreheads which are the symbol of their wisdom.

Narrow foreheads

These types' foreheads of foreheads occupy a very smallish area i.e. both the length and width of the forehead is not as much of. These types are narrow in their thinking too. They cannot take proper decision to take up any work. Therefore, they have to face failures after each step they take. The shortage of money always compels them to struggle in their lives. They do not get cooperation from their friends. But yes! These people are very emotional. They have interests in love-marriage and though these types love their life partners very much but clashes and logger- headedness still persist in between them. Earn a niche for themselves in painting and designing. Do not repose faith in God. They do not hesitate to commit crime on the provocations of others. They do not indulge in social activities. They have up to three parallel lines on their forehead. The lowest most line begins from the middle of the forehead.

Triangular foreheads

This type of forehead is very rarely seen in persons. This looks triangular because these types of foreheads are inclining downwards not only from the area of hair but appears triangular from both the sides of the temples. As a result, very little of the horizontal portion of the middle of the foreheads are visible. These types of peoples have brains sharp and perform their works with great concentration. These types are honest true to their promises and obedient. Their lives are exceedingly organized. They have a particular inclination to the natural surroundings. They preserve everything with great care and in a methodical way. These people are successful archaeologists, Astrologers and architects. Their life is full of exuberance and spend most of their times in their pursuits. They spend their times secluded and in solitude. There are no dearth of wealth in their lives. These types prefer remaining unmarried but in case they marry, there is no equilibrium in their marital lives. These people have the dangers of mental sickness with their advancing age. They have a medium level of interests in religious activities. The heads of such persons have 4-5 parallel lines amongst which, one or two lines might be originating from the middle part of the forehead.

When the consolidation of hairs is much more towards the lower down on the left or right sides, the upper part of the forehead looks oblique. These types are extremely lucky. They get their cherished successes in life. These persons are great mathematicians. There come a number of challenging opportunities into their lives which they face up with huge composure. They like journeying very much. They stay living abroad too. These people are successful in their love affairs and therefore more disposed of towards love marriage. These people are successful pilots or scientists. They have several nests and residency. They love newness in every field of their lives. They do not have any sort of religious interests whatsoever. There 3-4 parallel linings over their foreheads amongst them, the upper line ends in the middle of the forehead.

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