Khanacademy – Free education for students through online tutoring

In this article, I have explained about khan academy. It is a free online education site for students which consist of video lectures on various subjects. The site is built on theme to provide free education to all the students from developing and developed countries.

Education is a vital part of the society which differentiates human being from other species in the world. It is the one which creates changes in the society through development in infrastructure and other areas. Now a day's education has entered the business world and therefore only those who can afford will able to gain knowledge. Due to this, many developing countries have high illiteracy rate basically country like India, Pakistan and most African countries.

At present, education is provided to all the students in more cheap and easy manner; i.e. through internet. Many website have emerged inorder to provide free education to students through video lecture, providing notes, animations etc. One such website called KhanAcademy, which has a mission to change the education system for the better by providing a free world class education to anyone anywhere.
Khanacademy website
Khan Academy was born with an interesting story starting with the founder Salman khan, a Bangladeshi American educator. In 2004, Salman was teaching his cousin some mathematical problems over the internet using a Yahoo!'s Doodle notepad. As his cousin's friends started to show more interest over the method of his teaching, he decided to post his lectures in YouTube (16 November 2006). Soon, in late 2009, the videos started to attract more then 20,000 viewers. Thereby Khan has decided to quit his job and take this work as full time. Now there are 2,400 education videos starting with basic mathematics till advance biology.

Special features of Khan Academy:

Fabulous method of teaching:

Khan teaches the students using the pen tablet as his blackboard and explains the concept in clearer manner with examples and diagrams. He teaches topics from basic addition (2+2 = 4) till the college level mathematics (developmental mathematics). Students are able to understand his lectures because of his manner of explaining things in more easy and funny way. Khanacademy is just similar to a classroom where in the place of blackboard and a teacher, we have our computer screen and Salman khan's colorful handwriting and voice.

Video and voice quality:

The videos are clear and displayed in HD format. There is no voice disruption either from inside or outside source. All the diagrams and writings are clear and lucid. The language of teaching is basically English we can be easily understood by the non native English speakers too.


Subject diversity:

Khan teaches many subjects, which can be said in short manner such as biology, finance, maths, general maths, physics, chemistry, computer science, social sciences etc. Most of science, maths and art subjects are covered by his videos and published in proper manner with divisions.

Practice section:

The website is provided with a special section called practice where students in their first grade till 8th grade can practice problems in maths and move on their ability to solve problems in step by step manner. Each topic is allotted with 750 questions which will be displayed one by one. The correct answer for the question can be verified and hints will also be provided for the questions.

Teacher-student connection:

There is special section called coach where the teacher will register themselves as coach and then the teacher will explain his/ her students to register them as coach. Through this manner, the teacher will gain access to all types of interesting data about the student's progress and achievements.

Boosting students to educate:

The website has an app which behaves as a booster for the students to learn from the site. The app is called achievement badge app, which works on the number of videos viewed by an individual. The badges are awarded for the student who done well in the practice section too. These reports and achievements will help the coach to monitor the student's activity.

Achievement application

Khan academy is a non profit organization and aims to provide free education to students. Students even after 20 years can able to access these videos and will able to preserve their knowledge on basic science and mathematics. Students can easily access the videos either through their ipad or laptop. This will be the starting point for the future development in education.


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