What to do when you are bored?

Getting bored is a common things. We normally get bored when there is a powercut, when our dear friend is on leave and no one is there to speak anything, when server is down at your work place, when want to leave the routine things what we normaly do, when wife/husband is not at station. But this may drive you nuts sometimes. Here are some easy ways to overcome this.

Getting bored is a common things. We normally get bored when there is a powercut, when our dear friend is on leave and no one is there to speak anything, when server is down at your work place, when want to leave the routine things wat we normaly do, when wife/husband is not at station. But this may drive you nuts sometimes. Here are some easy ways to overcome this.

If you are getting bore often, that means, powercut happens often, children are out of station for long vacation, server is ofter going down in work place, then plan before to kill the bore.

Things you can do is,

1. When you are too busy and not finding time to do your favourite things, take a small note book, and write them down what you want to do when you get time.
You may want to visit the nearest, favourite temple, want to look at your children's painting they draw for the first time, sit at your palcony and drink your favorite coffee, listen to your favorite songs, visit friend's home, call a friend whom you did not speak to for a long time, check for the functions that are yet to come and think what to do for them for example, if the mothers' day is coming means take time to think in a innovative way to make your mother happy or if your anniversary is coming means take time to think what your wife/husband likes, what would make them happy if they receive as a gift, take time to select your gifts, or if it is your child's birthday, think what is his/her favorite place and plan to take them there.

2. Read the book you wanted to read from longtime and bought it and not able to find time to touch it.

3. Take old photo albums and look behind how you were in your childhood or how your mariage happened or how you were looking ten years before. Think all these definitely you will get a laugh.

4. Think if there are any mistakes you have done from last few days and if you think the mistakes are from your end and you were not able to accept them open heartedly at that time, close your eyes and ask for a mutual sorry. You will feel realesed from your guilty.

5. If someone has done any bigger help or any small help but on time and immediately call them or try to contact them in any way and say thanks from your heart remembering that what would have happened if you had not received that help. They will be surprised and glad to hear the thanks from you. And I am sure that they will be willing to help for you and also for others in fiture also.

6. If you are at home and your mother/father/wife/husband has gone to work and yet to come, think how they wanted the house to be (what they did not get time to do). Try to make some possible and positive changes which they would like. Or try some new recipe or their favorite one that will make them happy.

7. If you are at work and bored, you may be always wanted to check out for some better schools in your locality for your child, collect the information from the internet after returning home tell your partner they will be glad to hear that and will think that you are very much cared about the children.

8. If you are bored in doing routine things everyday like cooking the same kind of dishes, wearing same kind of dresses, making same kind of hairstyle, try something different by your own or try to get some information for the same on internet. For example, if you are a tailor and want to check out the new trnds of stitching, try some new neck designs or cutting on your own on by collecting information.

9. When you are too much concerned about your career and getting free time, check out a new technology and read it which will help you to go ahead in your career. Or check for oppurtunities and apply for them if you wish to.

I hope these things will help you like they always helped me whenever I got bored.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman28 Jul 2011 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

I read that the famous actor Rajanikanth used to lie down and have a small sleep whenever he got break in shootings.
It is a good practice. I also whenever got bored in the house just went for sleeping. It energise us for another work.

Author: Akshatha01 Aug 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Yes, I do some of the things you have mentioned here like taking out old albums and sit and watch and laugh at the good old days. Its so memorable. Trying out new food items.

Author: Sarath Kumar23 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1


when i feel bored i will start doing some mini electronic projects and maximum at the first attempt it will get fail only making R&D in that time also will spend and learning also.

Author: Narender Sharma23 Aug 2011 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

I use to read books when I get bored. Reading books specially which are not in syllabus gives lot of relax plus they also give lot of knowledge. So this is what I do when I get bored.

Author: Sharada24 Aug 2011 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

I try to call all my old friends and speak to them to relieve myself from boredom and share their happiness and sorrow.

Author: Reena Upadhya27 Sep 2019 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Boredom is tiring. Nowadays we do not usually find time for ourselves because of our busy lives. Whenever we find some spare time, we find it extremely difficult to kill it. Instead of just wasting available time staring at the ceiling and getting bored, why not use it to do something better? The author has given some tips that help prevent boredom.

Here are a few more steps to avoid getting bored-
- Go for nature walks. Walking amidst nature, short hiking or trekking or just a troll in a park can be calming and instantly helps to get rid of boredom. If there is some time to kill then why sit in the house and waste it? Just step outside and fill the lungs with healthy air.

- Listen to your favourite music and dance to the beat. Why not utilize the time in doing something that interests you. One can also watch favourite movies or serials.

- Every person has some interests or hobbies. One may not find time for them. When boredom strikes use the time to do something that seems interesting. It can be anything from reading, writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing or cooking.

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