Advantages of hobby of collecting informations – habit of observing the surroundings

In this article, I have explained about the hobby of collecting informations. I have descripted about the topic with my general experience and also talked about the benefits of it in here. Collecting coins or stamps are tedious process, but doing with information is simple, easy and useful.

Basically, people brought the system of hobby just inorder to spend some leisure time in useful. Thus, music and art has become a great hobby since from the olden days. But hobbies are meant to kill time and save ourselves from the boredom. This is the definition I gave for myself and I followed this for a very long time.

Then after some times, people started collecting some thing in common like antiques, coins, stamps, toys etc and brought that activity in hobby category.

As per myself I have classified hobbies into two types:

1) Self profitable hobbies
2) Nonself profitable hobbies

Self profitable hobbies:

Hobbies which please us more and never be done for the benefit of others is called Self profitable hobby. For Eg: Dancing or music which is the type of hobbies which will be done in the benefit of ourselves. Such hobbies will be performed after a person gets tired or bored with his/ her day today activities.

Non self profitable hobbies:

In this type, people inorder to cut their boredom, they will go out and do some social service activities such as serving people in old age home, teaching poor students etc. Such activities will be benefit for both sides and will also make the person to be recognized in the public.

The hobby which I am going to explain here is coming under both the category i.e. collecting informations from our surroundings. This hobby was born inside me when I was in my 8th grade, where most of the time I used to be alone and had no interest in any extra curricular activities.

One day when I was sitting alone in my residential school garden, I saw a honey bee sucking the nectar from the flower. It was so beautiful and I want that scene to be recorded somewhere. Hence I took a pen-paper and started to write over the activities of bee in the garden. After 9 years, I was so excited to see that piece information hidden in my old books. After such an incident in the garden I started to visit my school library and collected every piece of information about nature, flowers, animals etc and recorded the data in a floppy disk. Thus collecting information from nature has become my favorite hobby.

As per the types of hobbies I referred above, this hobby comes under both. For example, According to first type, I can collect informations inorder to gain knowledge for myself and won't need to share with any one. But based on the second type, the collected informations can be passed to our friends or people in younger generation. This will benefit them in some or other way.

Things to be kept in mind:

1) Information can be gathered by any means on any particular topics. There is no boundary in this.

2) Many eatables and snacks available on the streets are wrapped with either a newspaper or a magazine page. Don't throw the paper after eating. Just read the information given in the piece of paper. Such information gathering habit will help us to possess more knowledge.

3) Try to seat in front of the internet atleast 2 hours a day and browse on any good topics. I used to browse many interesting things such as Ghosts, Bermuda triangle, Nefertiti etc. These informations are not useful for me in studies or research, but they will help me when my friends or higher official discuss on general things.

4) Try to gain knowledge by watching TV channels such discovery, animal planet, National geographic etc. Such TV channels will explain general things more like regarding the construction of ship like titanic or aircrafts.

5) Read newspaper everyday and conserve the paper cuttings for future reference. For eg: in The Hindu there is column called "Know your English" the information are so interesting and valuable which can be used for any future use such as preparing for GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS.

6) Try to feed all the collected data in MS word and preserve it in a data storage device such as DVD, CD, Pen drive or Portable Hard disk.

7) The hobby will useful during any general group discussion either in company or public.

8) Such habit like this will motivate you to start your own magazine.


1. More knowledge will be possessed by the individual on general things.
2. It will remove the boredom and makes the individual to spend their leisure time in useful manner.
3. Well develop the knowledge of writing. The person can become a freelance writer or a journalist.
4. The information collected may help in hard times such as general knowledge quiz or essay writing competition.
5. If you are writing a novel or a book, then these written collections will help during construction of a fiction.

Today I am a post graduate student who is interested to do research in life science is just because of the hobby which I have adapted 9 years before. Just think of doing simple things in life, it will bring you more happiness and joy.

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Author: Reena Upadhya28 Sep 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

It is a well-written article on the hobby of collecting information. We humans are curious. We always want to know what is hidden behind the curtain. Thus we make every possible attempt to reveal all that is concealed. Through information, we fill our appetite for curiosity. Collecting information is one of the best hobbies an individual can develop. Moreover, this hobby enriches our mind and makes us knowledgeable.

The author has rightly described this hobby as a combination of self profitable as well as non-self profitable hobbies. The knowledge that we acquire by gathering information on various subjects that interests us help us prosper and progress in life. We can share knowledge and information with others and help them in various ways. Thus, our hobby of collecting information helps everyone in one manner or the other.

Collecting information makes us knowledgeable. Knowledge is a powerful tool which we can use for our betterment and welfare. It is like food to our mind which makes sure that our mind always remains active and alert. Collecting information is as good as educating ourselves. We all know how education plays an important role in shaping our lives. In the same way, collecting information from various sources help us evolve and progress.

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